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Cinema in prescot


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Very quick one on the Palace Picture House. In 1974 I used to be an apprentice at Bold Colliery and when the second miners strike was on we were brought out on strike along with all the other miners and like everyone else I had no money and my mother and father both used to up to the palace while it was used as a bingo hall. Well this certain Tuesday I was pestering my dad to lend me £50 to buy an old van, as you could in them days, but they offered to pay for me to go to the bingo. All they way up I was pestering dad to lend me this fifty quid and in the end he just got fed up and said "just go and win the link (a game played with other bingo halls all linked up via the telephone lines) ". Well guess what, I did and a couple of weeks later we went out and bought a car. We picked it up a week later and the following week I borrowed it and a friend who lived across the road from us and myself went up to Dixieland in Southport. That night I met a girl there and after courting her for nearly six years we got married and forty years later this March, we celebrated our ruby wedding anniversary. Fate?

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