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LIPTROTT of sutton St Helens

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Looking for info on the following family


St Nicholas Cof E Church Sutton St Helens Lancs England


350 30 Jun

1894 William LIPTROTT 23 Sutton Batchelor Labourer 384 Mill

ln Annie MANN 21 Sutton Spinster 394 Marshalls

Cross Thomas Liptrott Carter* Peter Mann Labourer**deceased

Charles Harrison, Ellen Smith


Ann Mann is the daughter of Peter Mann and Ellen nee NAYLOR..Ellen is daughter of

ANN NAYLOR and JAMES BILLINGER..[no marriage] Ann NAYLOR is daughter of

JAMES NAYLOR and ELLEN nee Unknown..all of Sutton St Helens


Wiliam LIPTROTT is the son of Thomas Liptrott and Martha Unknown..believe Martha

married a Nathan HARRISON as in the 1881 UK census I found William


Dwelling 22 Chester Lane

Census Place Sutton, Lancashire, England

Family History Library Film 1341895

Public Records Office Reference RG11

Piece / Folio 3740 / 54

Page Number 34



Nathan HARRISON Head M Male 29 Sutton, Lancashire, England Lab (Gen)

Martha HARRISON Wife M Female 28 Sutton, Lancashire, England

William LIPTROTT (HARRISON) Son U Male 9 Sutton, Lancashire, England Scholar

Estha HARRISON Daur U Female 7 Sutton, Lancashire, England Scholar

Charles HARRISON Son U Male 3 Sutton, Lancashire, England Scholar


Has to be the right family as there is Charles Harrison as witness to marriage of Wm to

Annie Mann..



Found in the 1901 UK census the following info


Ecclesiastical Parish of St Nicholas East Sutton

RG 13/Pc 3526/Fo/115


830 Mill Lane

ANNIE LIPTROTT.. Head... WIDOW.. age 28.. No Occupation

CHARLES ... son ...age 6 yrs ...Scholar ..br Sutton

SARAH .. dau ...age 4 dito

NATHAN .. son ..age 6 months dito

ELLEN MANN.. mother ..Widow... 57

GEORGE ?? ..border... 69 yrs ...garden Domestic Worker .. Southhampton


Anyone know anything on the children of Wm and Annie Liptrott and what happen to

Annie and her mother Ellen Mann?

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I don't have any answers to the questions at the end of your post but you might wish to add the following details to your files.


Marriage of Thomas Liptrot and Martha Jones: December quarter 1870: Prescot district: 8b 865.


Birth of William Liptrot: June quarter 1871: Prescot district: 8b 616.


Marriage of Nathan Harrison and Martha Liptrot: September quarter 1872: Prescot district: 8b 1050.


1891 Census.


22 Chester Lane


Nathan Harrison, Head, M, 39, Coal Miner, St Helens

Martha Harrison, Wife, M, 37, St Helens

William Liptrot, Son, U, 19, Glass Labourer, St Helens

Esther Harrison, Daur, 17, Housework, St Helens

Charles Harrison, Son, 13, Scholar, St Helens

Sarah Harrison, Daur, 6, Scholar, St Helens

Hannah Dunkerly, Visitor, Widow, 46, Flintshire, Wales

Ann Dunkerly, Visitor, 7, Manchester


Hope that this helps.

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The St Nicholas registers show that the marriage of Nathan Harrison,21,batchelor, and Martha Liptrot, 20, widow, took place on 22 July, 1872.


The baptisms of their children are also recorded with two additional ones - Anne and Ellen - between Esther and Charles.

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Thank you very much for the info..appriciate it


I did find a death for a WILLIAM LIPTROT in the FBMD site that might be the one I am looking for

but the area is not St Helens..




WILLIAM LIPTROT age 29 District WIGAN Vol 8 page 20


The age and the name are right in comparison to my Wm Liptrot its just the location that is off but that

could be cause they moved there? only death registration would show maybe Annie's name on it.


Thanks again for the info you provided me. appriciate it..


SLC :thumbup:

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I had seen the Wigan reference for William Liptrot but wasn't sure if it was 'your' William as there were a few William Liptrots in the Wigan area on the 1881 and 1891 censuses.


Might be worth getting in touch with Melvyn Jones - Superintendent Registrar at Wigan Register Office - he has always been very helpful on my look-ups.

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In reply to thr Liptrot family i believe that i am a decendant of william Liptrot. He married my mother Doris Waddilove and they had five children, Eunice, Raymond, Ernest, Dorothy and Sheia. Of these there are three still alive. Raymond, living in Widnes. Sheila and Ernest who both live in SuttonManor.

If you require more information please contact me on my E_ mail, rj_ fdarwin@tiscali.co.uk


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I believe that I am a direct decendant of this family tree. My father was a William Liptrot born approximately 1896. The family tree that I have shows the names as shown. He married a Doris Waddilove at St Nicholas chufch Sutton. They had five children three girls and two boys. Unfortunately two girls died as did my parents. My name is Raymond J Liptrot, i was brought up in Sutton Manor, however, I now live in Widnes, I am married with two children, 3 grand children and 3 great grand children. If you wish to pursue this topic you can contact me by E_ mail, at rj_fdarwin@tiscali. co.uk


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