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reginald brown born 1897 is a mystery


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I am looking for information about Reginald brown PTE245065 RFA later number changed to 1042188


he lived at 109 napier st st helens in 1920 and would of been 23 years old


Can anyone tell me anything about this address he was my maternal grandfather and is background is quite illusive

he married Ruth waring my grandmother and they went on to live in St helens for some years but I am predominantly looking of Reginlds mother and father ( charlotte and herbert ) and any siblings he may of had

Any information greatfully recieved

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Sorry Scabbydog, to leave you with baited breath, but I was following a link I stumbled on attached to Charlotte Ann, unfortunately I'm really bogged down with other stuff just now and I want to check its correct before I post it and also to finish the search so please keep checking and Ill have something soon, there are a lot of links to follow. Ive read through a lot of stuff you posted elsewhere so have a picture of your family and it's very complicated to follow like you said.

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I managed to catch up with this now and I'm sorry to say that everything I have found you already know through other sites. You have the details right back to James Heald Schoolmaster born Halifax and Annie Boron.

Their daughter Charlotte Anne Heald/Brown/ Graham ends up living at Eccleston Lane Ends alone with her three children Reginald Brown born Lincoln Winifred Brown born Sheffield and Wilfred born Eccleston. She states she is married but Herbert isnt with her, possibly he is in the army/ prison or travelling for work or visiting family abroad but he can not be found on the census in this country under any surname (stating that he was born in Ceylon)




Someone said that the occupation dressmaker was another way of saying prostitute but in tthis case I dont think it applies, she had just given birth to her last child and the birth is registered the certificate can be bought from the local registrar, here is the link (£10)if you would like further information to check that the father is Herbert.



[Annie Boron was James second wife, his first wife was Jane E Merrifield born in Shiverham Berkshire who was a schoolmistress, this marriage was in Manchester in 1860, they must have close links there as their daughter is also born there even though they work all over, in 1861 they are in Arnsby, Liecestershire, but in 1861 also their son is born in Swindon.Wiltshire(right next to Berkshire so maybe she went home.) in 1863 they are in Manchester for the daughters birth and 1871 James a widow is in Wokingham. ] [There is a death for a Jane Elizabth Heald age 30 in Stroud September 1867 which works perfectly]

You should ckech all the relevant records in person to make sure this is all correct though.


Ive got to say, Ive not seen many families move around so much :o I wonder if it was normal for teachers?


Sorry I cant help any further with Charlottes family. You could check all the parish records at the Archives at St Helens Library possibly for Prescot Church St Mary or Eccleston Christ church for the baptism and maybe the newspapers for family notices, which would take ages, but unless there are family still around who know anything, there probably isnt anything else to be found here.


Maybe the next census release will turn up something.

If I think of anything else I'll post it here.


Good luck anyway


PS. I found this which may help further : http://www.healds.org.uk/index.html

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The marriage of James and Jane E was at St Mary and St Denys and St George Manchester. 29/12/1860 James' father is noted as Stansfield Heald and aJnes William Merrifield. I will PM you the certificate

Did I mention that Jane Elizabeth was born in Shiverham Berks ?

The marriage of Stansfield Waddington Heald was to Elizabeth McCrea at Manchester also on 22/11/1824, no other details

The census gives their abodes as:

1841 Morley Halifax, York Street

Stansfield Heild(note spelling) 38 a painter

Elizabeth Heild Wife

children James b1827 Ann born 1830, Joseph b 1835 and Rebecker b1840

1851 Alverthorpe Yorkshire, Alverthorpe Road

Stansfield Heald a painter /plasterer born Lightcliffe, Hipperholme, Yorkshire in 1803

Elizabeth wife born in Liverpool 1803

James 24 a teacher at a day school( a private school but not a boarding school)

Jospeh 16 works with woollen yarn or sells it, I cant read it. Alverthorpe was a woolen mill area.

There is also a baptism of another child to these parents, Ruth Heald born 1827 in Leeds

and a possible death for Stansfield W Heald in 1860 at Alverthorpe

Back a bit further but no further on with your mystery hey sad.png

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