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Jones family st.helens

Sharon 692

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Hi I'm doing a family tree and I want to find out about my great grandmother Ruth jones . In 1911 she was 16 and living at 6 exeter street st.helens. Her father was john jones ( but he died before 1916) . Her mother was Elizabeth jones . I'm wondering if any descendants of this family are still living local ? I'm going to exeter street tonight just to see if anyone knows of any jones living in the area . I know it's a long shot but there's an interesting story I want to try and unravel

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Hi Sharon


Any connection to the following two families - Elizabeth Jones born 1839 in St Asaph, Flintshire, Wales, she is the daughter of John Jones, Elizabeth married Robert Leyland at St Peter C.E. Parr, St Helens. 20 May 1860 wit Thomas Greenall, Martha Jones. Robert died in a mining accident at Lea Green colliery 29 September 1886, Elizabeth then married Thomas Pilkington at Lowe House 22 November 1890.


Dorothy Sarah Jones born 1903 daughter of Joseph Jones, she was the second wife of John Bowes born 2 July 1902 son of Joseph & Mary Bowes nee Eden.

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Hi thanks for the reply unfortunately it's not them . Elizabeth Austin married john jones and they had 8 children . 1 girl and 7 boys all in st.helens. There daughter Ruth jones married Ernest James in 1916 and on the marriage certificate it says that John jones was deceased ( merchant service captain ) I know from census records he was alive in 1911 and so he's dead before 1916 . Can't find a record of his death anywhere . I went exeter street last night but no joy .. Not that I was expecting any

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I am looking for a WILLIAM THOMAS JONES, his son FREDDIE married ELLEN TODD at St Lukes parish church in Eccleston St Helens in 1940. Freddie married from 107 Devon St. this is near Exeter St ?. why would he marry from his sister in laws house !!! had he no family


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There's a family of Jones in 1939 living in 125 Cooper Street James a shop keeper/ general dealer. Jane his wife, daughter Elizabeth married a  SPARK later, does that sound like them?

James Jones married Jane Dixon at Paris Church 24.07.1909

Elizabeth Jones mother nee Dixon registered birth 1914

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Birth date given on the 1939 census for James was 10 Mar 1886

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James is buried at the crem 1940 with Jane Jones, James Jones and Elizabeth Spark also there  Grave 38/165


Sorry I may have done this already, seems really familiar, They don't appear on the 1911 as far as I can see. No work being done at GRO for now due to Covid, bad luck  :(

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On 11/06/2014 at 19:19, boyer108 said:

why would he marry from his sister in laws house


He may have been renting rooms there for his new marital home, that's what they did then if their home was too full.

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On 16/05/2014 at 14:41, Sharon 692 said:

Ruth jones married Ernest James in 1916


There's a Ruth James buried 1916 born 1889 at St Helens Crem?

There are loads of Elizabeth Jones though, where to start?

Just put first and second names in here and see which one you think it is, no need for dates. Once you find one you think is her click on the name then click on VIEW to see who else is buried with her.



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I don't know if we have any connection as Jones is a common name, but my Dad (George Arnold Clitheroe) had a Sister named Martha E Jones, (nee Clitheroe), born 1909. 

She was married to Eric Jones, born 1907, both deceased, they lived at 316 Boundary Rd. they had 3 children? (my cousins) a Son Eric Arnold Jones, who I found out is also now deceased since the year 2000, a Son named ?Alan and a Daughter ?Olive. (Sorry can't quite remember their names as it's been a long time since I've seen them and my memory is not as good as it used to be).

I have been living here in the US for the past 25 yrs, but anyone who knows, or knew them, who might be related to me I would love to hear from them. :thumb:

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