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Hi Twistl-01, Hopefully this proves that Joseph's fathers name was Robert,

Groom's Name: Joseph Twist Groom's Birth Date: 1837 Groom's Birthplace: Groom's Age: 21 Bride's Name: Margaret Brownbill Bride's Birth Date: 1839 Bride's Birthplace: Bride's Age: 19 Marriage Date: 02 May 1858 Marriage Place: St. Thomas, Eccleston (Near Prescot), Lancashire, England Groom's Father's Name: Robert Twist Groom's Mother's Name: Bride's Father's Name: James Brownbill Bride's Mother's Name: Groom's Race: Groom's Marital Status: Groom's Previous Wife's Name: Bride's Race: Bride's Marital Status: Bride's Previous Husband's Name: Indexing Project (Batch) Number: I02920-2 System Origin: England-EASy Source Film Number: 1849656 Reference Number: 498


I will PM you with my email address,


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On 16/07/2004 at 6:12 PM, Jim Strachan said:

My Grandfathers name was james twist, my mothers father, born 1907 I think.

He was married to Doris Ashcroft. My Mums name is Phyllis Doris, now Strachan. My mother was an only child, not sure about my Grandads brothers names. Any Help?

Can't help with Twist except that my dad told me Jim was a good rugby player and played for St.Helens. However can't find much evidence on this. Doris Ashcroft was the daughter of Annie Ashcroft nee Doherty and Bob Ashcroft. Dad who was a cousin of Doris said Jim was a nice man also Bob Ashcroft. Annie was a school teacher at some point. She was the daughter of John Doherty and Jane Stephens  who were both born in Kildrumferton, County Cavan Ireland. My grandfather was Annie's brother he was William, my father was William also.

Doris had a brother Stanley, my grandfather was 40 before he married and he was very close to Annie's children. His father and older brother John Jnr died young so he was the man of the house very young. He had two older sisters Jane Jnr and Harriet. I have a picture of Doris when she was young but I never met any of them.My grandfather showed me the family bible when I was little  but it seemed to disappear after his death. I often wondered if he had given it to  Stanley or Doris.

The Doherty's and Stephen's lived in St. Helen's for many years. I have more information if you are interested.

While I was checking the rugby club players there  were other Twists, perhaps related? 


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