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St Luke's (Shaw Lane), circa 1949

stephen nulty

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Here's an interesting picture. It shows the Shaw Lane area (Whiston Hospital bottom left, for reference, with Green Dragon to the right of it). The picture is from 1949 and the church is clearly visible.


But the Infants School (now demolished) and Junior School are not yet built.


So what is that building towards the top centre of the picture? Is it the "St Luke's Club" which was referred to in a previous thread? I think you can also clearly see the Brook meandering across left to right towards the top.



Snap 2014-01-21 at 13.32.40.png

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Steve I don't think that that is the club as from what I remember it ran the other way i.e. parallel and closer to Dragon Lane. It was at the bottom and about 30yds from the playground at the side of the school. I lived in Beechwood Grove so frequented the area quite often when I was young and it was there when I went to St Lukes- I started there in 1959 when I was 5.

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Stephen, the two buildings on the field are my old school were i lernt to reed and right proper


the feint hut on the left was the infants the hut on the right was the junior school .


This was St Lukes school until the mid 1950s when the new buildings were completed


They were just two long wooden huts divided inside into four classroms by small screens,


so you could catch up on things you missed last year and preview next year by listening


to the teacher next door , magic


sorry i dont know if it was ever the club i certainly dont remember it as sutch

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I seem to think that this is a little earlier than 49 unless it is dated, I was there as a 9yr old in 49,top center building is the Junior school, there was another building which housed the infants and Mr Farelly's office it was used at weekends to show films for fund raising, this building was replaced by a new build at the top of the field on Shaw lane before I left.

I remember John Stanley's shop and Terry Bleasedale who lived in the houses shown Windsor Rd we played football on the field to the right of the Church

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