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SMITH FAMILY from Freda Avenue Sutton


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Hi Rainmate, Not really sure exactly what you are looking for?


Is this one of yours? It mentions an Emily living at Herbert St. Sutton. I wonder if there is a connection?




Or maybe this one?


Baptism: 10 Jun 1888 St Nicholas, Sutton, Lancashire, England
Emily Gee - [Child] of Richard Gee & Elizabeth
Abode: Sutton
Occupation: Glass Polisher
Baptised by: Gibson Downing Curate
Register: Baptisms 1888 - 1892, Page 8, Entry 64
Source: LDS Film 1657568



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Thanks Phyll

You have the right Emily Gee she was my grandmother, but I never new her. That is why I'm delving into the Smith history. I have discovered that one of my dads brothers was awarded the B M E medal for galantry in ww11. His name was Fred Smith.


Thanks very much for your reply.


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Hi Phyll

Both your records seem to be right, Emily Gee must have married Edward Gee he must have been a relitive because her name was Gee before she married and had Bertha, and then married my grandad in 1919. I remember that my dad had a step sister.

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