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Lyon's Bakery.


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Phyll, you really should get a life. Huckle's were still producing watches up until the outbreak of War, when they switched to timing devices. But unless you know better than my Mother who worked there fron 1933 to 1941, I'd rather take her word over yours any day. The Prescot Watch Company had closed but artisan watchmaking continued into the 50's.

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Careful, Phyll. A little learning is a dangerous thing.

Still, you stick to ranting and googling if it makes you happy.


Who's ranting? You're the one who goes on your rants towards me, when I give you the correct facts,

which I usually know already, they are just backed up on Google.

It's just my way of helping you expand your limited knowledge.


Formerly Watch Movement Manufacturer but trade killed by foreigner now a clerk at electric cables works


Exactly Geoff, blame the Americans and the Swiss.

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We just see names engraved in these memorials - but when you bring them to life, in that manner, it's an entirely new ball-game, Stephen.


They're NOT names, they're people with 'very human stories' behind them. Thank you for the work you do!

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That's why I started the research back in 1999. I was at the War Memorial in Prescot looking at the inscription "J Nulty", and I wanted to know why his name was there, and also wanted to know who all those other people were. Each has a story to tell, and I am slowly but surely getting the stories told.

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A WORKHOUSE INMATE IN TROUBLE. Prescot Reporter, Sat. May 22nd.


On Tuesday night Michael Devine, an inmate of the Whiston Workhouse, remembering that the present year was a record one, surreptitiously left the "house" by climbing over the boundary wall, and having obtained a pint bottle of rum he returned, and with several cronies, celebrated the Diamond Jubilee without the authority of the Master. His exhuberant manner, however, betrayed him and he was detected. On wednesday he was brought up at the Prescot Police Court on a charge of intoducing spirituous liquids into the Workhouse, and the magistrate* sent him to goal for seven days, where he will no doubt meditate on the folly of being patriotic under such conditions.


* The magistrate's name was Mr.T. P. Hewitt. ( "The Man" at Prescot Watch Factory)

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Good find G, So T. P. Hewitt was a Magistrate too, it says Diamond Jubilee, so I guess that was 1897?


I found one too from January, 19th, 1899.


Prescot Petty Sessions.


Before Messrs. T. P. Hewitt and James Berry.

Wm. Fair Chambers, charged with stealing coal valued at fourpence from a colliery. Fourteen days.



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I seem to recognise the corner shop on the extreme right of the photo over the road, but does anyone know what the building is in the background above the bloke in the pony and trap ?


it looks like a church maybe ?


totally agree about Lyons pies they have never been beat as far as i am concerned.

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does anyone know what the building is in the background above the bloke in the pony and trap ? ..It's th 'Board School' across Warrington Rd.




does anyone know what the building is in the background above the bloke in the pony and trap ?



..it's the old 'Board School' across Warrington Rd.

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In the 1871 Prescot Census the occupants of 105 Kemble Street where listed as

Elias Lyon: Head 33 Provisions Dealer

Elizabeth Lyon: Wife 29

Martha Lyon: Daughter, 2 months

In the 1881 Prescot Census the occupants of 105 Kemble Street where listed as

Elias Lyon: Head 43 Grocer

Elizabeth Lyon: Wife 38

Martha Lyon: Daughter, Scholar 10

Mary Lyon: Daughter, Scholar 8

Job Ernest Lyon: Son, 6

Ethel Lyon: Daughter 3

Austin Lyon: Son 1

Elizabeth Haigh: 17 Domestic Servant


In the 1901 Prescot Census the occupants of 105 Kemble Street where listed as

Elias Lyon Head Wid M age 63 Shopkeeper - Grocer & Baker Prescot, Lancashire

Martha Lyon Daughter S F age 30 Housekeeper - Domestic Prescot, Lancashire

Mary Lyon Daughter S F age 28 Prescot, Lancashire

Job E Lyon Son S M age 26 Grocer's Assistant Prescot, Lancashire

Ethel Lyon Daughter S F age 23 Commercial Clerk Prescot, Lancashire

Austin P Lyon Son S M age 20 Baker's Assistant Prescot, Lancashire


1905 Kelly’s Directory

Listed: Elias Lyon, Grocer & Baker (105 Kemble Street)


I grew-up at 105 Kemble Street in the 1960's and 70's! ;-)

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I am researching Elias and Thomas Lyon of Prescot for my son's victorians project at school. He is 9. I wondered if there is anyone out there with a more detailed knowledge of their families and businesses. I fell over the Bakery and Bottles photographs last night, which are wonderful.

Thank you.

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Thanks Phyll; 14 days goal for stealing coal from a..colliery (1899), and 7 days for celebrating the Diamond Jubilee (1897) without the Workhouse Master's permission..they were indeed Hard Times.


Hard times indeed.


Reminds me of a poem a workmate would recite every Xmas when I worked at the BI in MICD.


T'was Christmas Day in the workhouse

The season of good cheer

And the paupers were making merry

Stuffing their guts with beer

This threw the Workhouse Master into a terrible rage

He swore by all his gods

I'll see ye get no Christmas pud, ye lazy rotten sods !

Then up spake one brave pauper

His face, as bold as brass

"We don't want yer Christmas pud,"

"Yer can shove it up yer --- !"


Incidentally, I was told that the retirement home on the corner of Central Avenue and Park Road was once the dwelling of the Whiston Workhouse Master.

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I wonder if anyone knows the relationship between the individuals named on the mineral water bottles e.g. Thomas and other branches of the Lyon family in Prescot at the time (mid 1800s)?


The link above goes to part of the family I'm researching and I'm not sure how they link to the Thomas whose name is on the bottle?


Thank you.



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Hello Min, I have typed lists for Censuses 1841/51/61/71 for the Lyons family with all their revelant occupations together with entries from early Directories. If you could supply me with your address I could post copies to you .. Failing that I could photograph and email them to you.

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