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Around St.Helens


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25 minutes ago, Bert said:

in the 40's they had their own fish & chip shop; it was on the even numbered side

It was called Chorley's and Mr Chorley had a patch over one eye, not black liike a pirate but white.

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There used to be dozens of crown bowling greens in St Helens. Most of the parks had a couple, many pubs had one and there were two at Pilks Rec on Ruskin Drive and the BRSA club at Penlake Lane near St Helens Junction. I suppose that apart from two or three members' clubs they are things of the past

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Mi dad played for the Rec. The green nearest the tennis courts was ladies only. The top green was for the better men players. The bottom green, nearest the field, was for beginners like me. Neo's in Peyia has 2 or 3 greens but they play that weird flat earth game.

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Yep it is.Cheater.We used to get our works pies for our engineers .There wss a loud cry as someone spotted MEAT IN HIS POTATO AND MEAT PIES.

In respect of bakeries

When the water and borough engineers split .The water dept moved offices to a property cornet of tolver and brynn st.

When i joined in 1965 i was ensconced in a portakabin in the rear garden.

Maybe some of our ancient and learned colleagues can help.


I was puzzled about the surrounding wall.IT WAS WALLED WHITE TILES.

I was told it was the bakehouse of what was a bakery!!

I joked that in truth it used to be a gents toilet!! 

I wasnever advised of the bakeryndetails though.


ALAN especially after my eye test.We will soon be flying over your field again ,no nude sunbathing PLEASE!!





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Hi, Phyll, that really takes me back. I used to go to the Saints with Alf Lievesley who was Sammy's brother. We would call in at the shop on our way home and Sam would have hot pies for us. This would be around 1950ish. Can still taste them.

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The front house was were most staff were housed.5 of us were in the tiled yardl.

It was just a wooden structure not as posh as a mobile home or maybe a portakabin.

Interesting note post 1974!!

We paid £10000 for a piece of land on part of birchkey st car park.hence the short bit on one side.But council said they wouldnt pay for new office due to reorgs going on.So it became a yard.

We demolished our "office shed" and bought the manse on tolver st instead and expanded.

Then on the further reorg it was sold for the current users.Social housing?in around 1980s.and offices moved to Goose Green.

ps i know you are a pedantic so and so.




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On 18/09/2022 at 06:08, HORT said:

Lowe House Grotto. Anyone been in it and if so, what for?

On 18/09/2022 at 15:09, DEXTER said:

I wonder when the congregation used to WALK ROUND THE CHURCH was it part of the ceremony?

See below...

Yes that's exactly what happened, I went to Lowe House School & we walked round the Church on special feast days and when you made the sacraments & then prayed in front of "Our Lady".

At the back of the Grotto are other statues including Jesus on the Cross.

Also Couples had/have their Wedding Photos etc. taken in front & the back of the Grotto.

I've seen them a million times but I Love these videos, takes me back to my schooldays and reminds me of my Mum who used to tell me she remembered it being built when she was a little girl.

Another Drone of St. Helens  including Lowe House...

Many more on You Tube.


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