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On 13/07/2016 at 05:02, DEXTER said:

Well Ali Tyrer wasn't impressed about the TOWN CENTRE "opportunities".Shes got a small shop in RAINFORD?Ok so it was an already closed shop(don't know what it used to be).

Hi Dexter, did you see this?


AN independent fashion store has announced plans to close.


added 5 minutes later

Maybe I missed someone previously mentioning it on here, but I didn't realise they are knocking down The Hardshaw Centre! :shocked:

"The ambitious plans will see the Hardshaw Centre flattened and so retailers based there are being given the opportunity to relocate by St Helens Council, which owns both of the town’s main shopping centres."



PLANS for another retailer to move from the Hardshaw Centre to St Helens town centre’s high street have been confirmed.


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Yes hopefully it will be new & better, just sad to lose all the old places in my memories.

Hopefully there will be something left of the old St. Helens.


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Today along Abbey Road, just before the bridge.

I spotted something dark on the ground in the trees.

Its at the very far right in this picture.



I took a closer look.


I went even closer and saw what it was.



What is that all about?


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I took this the other day when in Haydock.

Conor Coady wall art mural in Haydock

Conor Coady, ............, created by Liverpudlian John Culshaw, is part of a collaboration between FIFA and XBOX to showcase England players back in the towns and cities where they grew up.

For Conor, the West End Road mural is right around where he grew up in Haydock and spans his life and love of football.

Highlighting the journey to the pinnacle of his profession, it shows him playing for his first club Rainford Rangers right up to his call up for England.

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