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Thanks. I do remember the reservoir now I think about it. Wasn't the Plkington Theatre close to it? Just thinking about it, St Helens must have a real network of streams/becks keeping all its lakes and reservoirs full. I mean Taylor Park, Leg of Mutton, Mill Dam, Carr Mill, Viccy Park duck pond, Eccleston Mere.......I can think of others but not their names

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TAlan, te Pilkington Theatre was on Carriage Drive/Carriage Drive and was converted into other use. It may have been apprentice training.

I think it was the white buiding in this photo from Head Office.


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Thanks, Hort. Like most of St Helens industrial/social buildings in the 1940/50s it was painted a sort of matt blue. A bit like the old St Helens Recs grandstand or the quarry buildings at the bottom of Hard Lane.

I've been thinking about the many lakes and ponds in St Helens. I can trace most of the streams that kept them topped up but what filled that shallow lake/pond in Viccie Park? I think you once told us that you used to live at one stage just inside the park - can you put my mind at rest on this please?

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A number of reorvoirs in CHW. As well as the one mentioned . Another behind what is now Slinns just off College Street.


Here is google maps showing the park and the reservoir behind St Marks Church just over the Pilks wall Oldfield St.



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