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GASSER, James Charles - Where did he go?

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Hello again


Thank you if you are taking the time to read this as I really do need help with this one. Also thanks to anyone who read my post on Cooper Baptisms?


The Margaret Cooper I mentioned in the COOPER baptism post was born Margaret Gasser in West Bromwich, Staffordshire in 1891. She married Joseph Cooper in 1909 and the marriage cert. states her father John Charles Gasser is deceased. Now the last time I see John C Gasser is in the 1891 census aged 35 and living with his wife Margaret and 3 children Sarah K, Phoebe J and Margaret in there birth area of Staffordshire.


After this census I can't find any other record of him or his wife, however I did find a burial for a Margaret Gasser (John C Gasser's wife) in St Helens cemetery (paupers grave) who's age fits with birth year and believe she could of moved up to St Helens after her husband died (if he died) or even moved up here with him before he died, I just don't know. I am struggling to find a death record that fits or a 1901 census with him in.


So somewhere between the 1891 census and his daughter getting married in 1909 John C Gasser is missing.


Any idea's or suggestions for my next step?




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Hi James, Did you mean James Charles or John Charles?

Edited by Phyll

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