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Ashall's garage, Ford dealer.


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I started in 1968, as an auto electrician, working under Bill De Ville, and Billy Hampson, Charley Salisbury was the foreman in the customer service dept.Tom Finney was the service manager and director. Stan Yates (yattey), was body shop foreman, J A A the guy who owned it liked to called Boss. Michael was his son, Keith Brown, Ged Simpkin, Tony Griffin,Lawrence Ellfic,  where mechanics, Eddie Sankey was the lubrication man. Hope this helps

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On 02/08/2013 at 05:59, Phyll said:

Were there 2 Motor places in Duke Street? I ask because I was just reading this old article.


"Lancasters Motor suppliers exhausts etc. was at (46) I believe this was the place where Ashalls were

before moving to Hard Lane). Roberts Cafe/ pie shop was next (at 44) "Great Pies"and a little cafe upstairs,

Both Lancasters & Roberts had access at the rear of these premises via Leech Street, which was a short street

having only four houses (two each side) Frank Warings also had access to their workshop/ shop along this narrow street."


"Back to the Volunteer, opposite the pub was the Ford Motor Company Showroom on the corner!

Behind this was the service garage for the vans and cars. Ernie Buckley had his Cigs/Paper shop."



Lancasters sold car parts and spares mostly to the motor trade and were on the opposite side of Duke Street from Ernie Buckley's shop and what was the original Ford supplier called Windle Motor Co. Ashalls basically put them out of business because of that location not unlike G.B.E (Garlick, Burrell & Edwards )putting an end to Gavin Murray's Vauxhall dealership in Boundary Road. Lancasters moved premises to Peasley Cross Lane and were one of the first occupiers on the little estate opposite what is now Saints stadium. 

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1 hour ago, HORT said:

I do not remember Windle Motor Co being opposite Buckley's.

I can only recall it being on the corner of Duke St and Rigby St.

We're both right - Buckleys was were you said and Lancasters (which had nothing to do with Windle Motors) faced it on the other side of Duke Street. Windle Motors was on the next junction down Duke Street from Buckleys - both on the same side. I think that between those two was a men's outfitters also trading under the name Lancasters but I'm not sure if there was any family connection.

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On 01/07/2019 at 14:48, Alan said:

That Lancaster's men's outfitters sold top shirts and ties

van heuten!like the one next to the fleece hotel.

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I remember Ashall's at the corner of North Rd and Hard Lane close to the East Lancs Rd., unless North Rd didn’t extend that far ?  Went in there to trade in my Austin 1100 for a 3 year old white MGB GT.  The salesman knew his stuff, pressing down hard and fast on my 1100's rear causing horrible cracking sounds from both sides to show me the suspension had gone and bringing my hopes of a good deal to an embarrassing end 😳 

Still bought the car, HUN 165 E 😀  Nice engine but appalling build quality, ( they made it so easy for the Japanese to show us how )😡  I remember making a grippy rubber washer from a rubber glove in a fairly successful attempt to stop the door lock spinning round whenever I attempted to lock it 😤. A 3 year old car ?😣  Eventually unable to afford the two 6volt batteries for it I traded it for a new, 'top or the range'😂, Bond Bug, receiving £70 from a delighted salesman and that weekend shamelessly taking it to a meet at Oulton Park 🤪  

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My father bought me my first car  from Ashalls in 1958 for my 18th birthday. It was a Ford Anglia 105E and cost £425, iT was registered in Perthshire which strangely is where I now live  

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