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Grave of June Fairclough

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I have posted on this topic before but didn't receive any info.

What I hope to find out is if there is anyone else buried in the grave of June Fairclough

June died 1938 age 6 and is buried at Eccleston Christ Church.

I did find out that her father Frederick is buried there, he died 1948 age 39 but not if he is in the same grave.

Would appreciate any help. Thanx

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Ill make a note and look it up next time I go to the library

Kneeshin may see this and help before then though so let me know if he does

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Managed to get there today and search the book for these

Unfortunately I didn't find it, the only Faircloughs listed are the following:



Christchurch Eccleston
Section O/G (this is the first section on the right alongside the path up from Church Lane,to the right of the church footprint. It is cut in half lengthways and the back half is section B)
Grave no 23
In loving memory of John
Son of John and Sarah A Fairclough
Killed in action Wytschaete Ridge, Ypres
June 8 1917 age 29
Samuel their son, died July 9 1918 age 32
Until the day is dawn.
Also the above Sarah Fairclough
Died Oct 25 1939 age 74
Also John Fairclough her beloved husband
Died Jan 27 1946 age 85
Grave no 46
In loving memeory of Fanny
beloved wife of Thomas Fairclough,
who departed this life Aug 8 1927 age 68
Thy will be done.
These are the only Faircloughs in the MI book, that doesnt mean they arent there though as there are graves without markers that wouldnt be in the book. Kneeshin will look into this further if you ask him as he has access to the grave books. Sometimes the church has open days where you can go in and have a look at the books yourself.
Sorry its not a better result

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Thanx for doing that Ratty, much appreciated.

I did ask kneeshin previously and it was him that told me about the grave of Frederick Fairclough but not his daughter June. He did say he would check it out but maybe he's just forgotten.

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Ah, must be one without a stone then

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