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I've only just joined so not sure how this all works. Please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong place! My great grandmother was Annie Heyes, daughter of James and Harriet Heyes who farmed on Sutton Road (aka St Helen's Road) in Rainhill. As far as I can work out, the farm was on the corner of Ritherup Lane, close to the Coach and Horses pub. I'd love to hear from anyone who has any information on the Heyes family or their farm as it has totally vanished now.


Annie married James PYE from Thatto Heath/Sutton Heath. James's father was also called James and he was a coal miner from Whiston.


I'd also love to hear from anyone who may be related to me, however distantly.

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My Pyes were from the other side of town - Windle and Rainford, but I've come across people with connections to Sutton and Whiston Pyes before. I'm not sure if any are active on the site lately though.


You've made a good start by posting. Some join and hang around for ages never posting. Be sure to add your interests to our name interests list too.


A few years ago I made the file in the following link regards St Helens Pyes. See if you can find any of yours in it.



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On the sign at the bottom of the road it used to say 'Old Back Lane' under Woodlands Road.


But in 1841 on that list it wasn't the same Back Lane. That one is at Crank and the John Pye listed there is my GGGG Grandfather..

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yeah i remember that well did you ever have a accident with the trees how they used to lean over the pavement lol i did once or twice commin home from woodies lol

and i did call round to you know whos to see if she was ok she loved my dog lol

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back on topic theres a dennis hayes that used to live across road from me i dont know if hes related but i can ask i do know it was his mum and dads house before he got it







you know me dave i get carried away lol



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Thanks for the link to your Pye database. I am related to the Pyes at Nutgrove Row so will look into the names you've listed in the burials part of the database to see what relation they are to me. James Pye, coal miner, and his first wife Elizabeth were my great-great grandparents.



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Hello Sue..and welcome. My maternal grandmother was also called Annie Heyes but I

doubt if she was related to yours. 'Heyes' was the name of her second husband.

Her maiden name was Annie Mort.


I wish you all the best in your search :-)

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Any connection to the following two families


Elizabeth Ellen Hayes born Sutton 1872 daughter of Frederick & Alice Hayes nee Clare, Elizabeth Ellen married John Leyland br 1865 son of John & Mary Leyland nee Howard


Joseph Pye br 1857 Thatto Heath son of James he married Elizabeth Holden br 9 April 1860 daughter of James & Mary Holden nee Garvey

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Hi Sue, welcome.gif to Connect.

Just thought I'd reply to you and anyone who may have a connection to me, regarding Heyes and Pye.


My Great Great Grandmother was Margaret Heyes, born 1807 in Whiston.

Here are her Marriage records from Lan-opc.


Marriage: 3 Sep 1826 St Wilfrid, Farnworth near Prescot, Lancashire, England
John Clitheroe - Tailor of this parish
Margaret Heyes - Spinster of this parish
Witness: William Clitherow; Prudence Heyes
Married by Banns by: Wm Thompson - minister
Register: Marriages 1824 - 1832, Page 46, Entry 137
Source: LDS Film 1699235 item 6


Their son was George Clitheroe, my Great Grandfather, here are his Marriage records, note Mary Pye is a Witness.


Marriage: 20 Feb 1848 St Wilfrid, Farnworth near Prescot, Lancashire, England
George Clitheroe - (X), of full age Labourer bachelor of Eccleston
Elizabeth Parr - (X), of full age spinster of Eccleston
Groom's Father: John Clitheroe, Tailor
Bride's Father: William Parr, Labourer
Witness: Samuel Martindale, (X); Mary Pye, (X)
Married by Banns by: William Jeff - Minister
Register: Marriages 1845 - 1850, Page 127, Entry 253
Source: LDS Film 1655236 item 3


Would love to hear from anyone with any connection/info. about these families. Thanks.

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Forgot to add that Margaret Heyes/Clitheroe, married again later to Thomas Sherratt.

Here are the details. Still looking for anyone with any connections or info. Thanks.


Marriage: 19 Jul 1852 Christ Church, Eccleston, Lancashire, England
Thomas Sherratt - (X), 40 Shoe Maker Widower of Eccleston
Margaret Clitheroe - (X), 45 Widow of Eccleston
Groom's Father: James Sherratt, Shoe Maker
Bride's Father: James Heyes, Winder-Worker
Witness: James Fishwick, (X); Ellen Burrows
Married by: R.P.Crockett
Register: Marriages 1840 - 1868, Page 53, Entry 106
Source: LDS Film 1657566

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I believe Annie Pye married James Platt after the death of James Pye she was the daughter of Harriet Heyes nee Haughton Annie Platt is buried at St Bartholomews Rainhill with her first husband James Pye and her son Henry Pye . Her mother Harriet Haughton is buried close by.


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