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St.Bartholemew Rainhill


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I have an Esther Case in my family tree, Margie - she had previously been a widow surname Brogan/Brogdan and was born in Ireland. As yet I don't have a maiden name for her. As Esther Brogan she had lived at Scotch Row(e), Prescot in 1841. She was the second wife of my ggg-grandfather

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Last time I looked I couldn't find anything but I did find monumental inscriptions of which I have a copy if anybody would like me to look anything up from that


Suste could you have a look for me and see if you can find any DAY'S or O'DAYS please

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Perhaps this is your James Case, being buried at Prescot St Mary's on May 7th, 1918, aged 74.


Interesting that his service seems to have been conducted by Messrs Mitchell, Dobree and Jones. I note from the 1911 Census that he lived at 57, Derby Street, Prescot, with hios daughter Harriett. His occupation is shown as "Clerk and Licenced Lay Reader", which probably accounts for the 3 Clergymen at his funeral.


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Tower college my arse,Loyola Hall is his old house.Tower college was founded by Mr Oxley of Oxleys.


I think you are right GG.


Bartholomew had begun to purchase land in Rainhill, and in 1824, he bought the Manor of Rainhill from Dr James Gerrard of Liverpool. By 1830, he owned over 260 acres (1.1 km2) around Rainhill. In 1824, across the road from the stables, he built Rainhill House and laid out beautiful gardens around it. Today, this house is known as Loyola Hall, and has served as a retreat run by the Society of Jesus since 1923.[7]








Tower College,





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I went to St.Barts school.I remember being an altar boy when the last Bretherton was placed in the family (circa 1963)tomb, its in the graveyard(as you walk in the gates its on the left)

Somewhere I have a written history of the Brethertons,they did own most of the sandstone quarries in the area.

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