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Harry Case barber's shop


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Someone asked, "What was written on the gable end of the barber's shop in Columbia Road Prescot".

If you are still interested it was:


"The right place to trust your face,

is inside here with Harry Case"


in white painted letters on a dark background. It was there, like me, in the early 1940's, in 6 feet high letters and easily seen from the main Warrington road. You can still see the faint outline of an 8ft. square board on the gable end of the house.

In those days the BICC company would give a short blast on a steam hooter at 0750, again at 0755 and a long blast at 0800hrs every week day. The doleful hooters could be heard from our house a mile away from the factory.

Imagine the complaints you'd get now, but in those days the culture was about working your socks off.

Looking over the bare windswept demolition site of the BICC factory, as I did a few years ago, I could still hear those hooters on the wind, calling the faithful to the alters of sweated labour and industrial mayhem.

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Is this the same guy who used to have a barbers on High Street, Prescot? My eldest used to be taken there by his grandad in the mid/late 70's for a 'short-back and sides'. Apparently everybody who went in there came out with that style - whether they wanted it or not! He later moved to just before the traffic lights on St.Helens Road - left-hand side of the road facing the garage and school.


Think the kids nicknamed him 'Mad Harry'. Not because of his mental health - but because he was considered to be 'scissor happy' (never knew when to stop cutting) by the boys!

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I have a (very faint) memory of a barber's in the terraced houses just along from the Red Lion in Kemble Street, but can't remember the name


Kelly's 1924 directory lists as "Hair Dressers"

- WIlliam Aiscough, 52 High Street

- Benjamin Edwards, 4 Market Place

- John Fowler, 5 St Helens Road

- Charles Ellis, 3 Warrington Road

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Stephen, the one in the terraced block moved in the late 60's and became Top Spot.

John n, I'm sure the one to which you refer finished up being called Arnold's. Don't understand the reference to anything for the week-end, did he sell footy programmes or summat ;)

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Cheers Les. I always used Top Spot til I moved from Prescot, never realised it was the same one from Kemble Street.


I remember my Dad telling me, before he died, that he had always used Harry Doward's. Dad never lived outside of Prescot apart from National Service in the 1950's, and said this was the only barbers he ever used.


He told me that there were complaints there cos Harry only used to charge £1 for a number one all over, and all the young fellers were now coming in to have him do theirs, now that this was the style, instead of going to Top Spot and paying a fiver for the same cut.

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Stephen, Harry must be knocking on a bit, but he posts on Prescot Online News.


I used to go to Top Spot, until they employed lady hairdressers. Not on my head !!!!! That pleasure was reserved for Joan and me mum :)

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On 25/10/2011 at 23:58, bridger said:

I wonder if this was the same Harry Case who had a barbers shop in College St , St. Helens in the 1950s

Hi, yes I can confirm that this was the same Harry Case that had the barbers shop in college street St.Helens. He was my Grandadd.

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