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John Vose, born St. Helen's 1856 / Vose's Toffee


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I am looking for information about John Vose, for research purposes. He was married to Elisabeth Vose, children William, John and Ann. He owned a Confectionery business (Vose's Toffee?) and I am mainly interested in the premises he had in Newcastle and sold to Maynards.


I would be most grateful for any help!


Thanks in advance

Silvie Fisch

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Here they are in 1911


Tyne Villa Millbrook Lane Eccleston


John Vose age 54 retired sugar boiling confectioner born St.Helens

Elizabeth age age 55 born Rainford married 36 yrs. 11 children born, 9 still living

James age 20 Apprentice pawn broker born Newcastle

Agnes age 18 born Newcastle

Teresa age 17 born Newcastle

Frederick age 15 born Newcastle


They must have named their home after the street they lived in on 1881 census which was Tyne St.


He is also retired in 1901 at the age of 44 at Millbrook Lane


But on 1911 census his son John is back in Newcastle living at

168 Norfolk Rd. Byker Newcastle

John Vose age 34 Sugar boiler Confectionery born St.Helens

Ellen Vose age 34 born Newcastle married 14 yrs. 6 children boen alive 4 still living

Annie age 11

Thomas age 7

John age 3

Frederick age 10 mths


So maybe this son was running the business for his father

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According to what I found by googling Maynards Toffee Factory the factory was established in 1906 after the conversion of a livestock sanitorium that had been built in 1870. The factory was situated Ouse Street/Lower Steenberg Yard, Ouseburn.





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Hi Silvie, welcome.gif to Connect. I don't have Vose in my Tree, but while researching

I did see a lot of Voses living in Gerards Bridge, can't remember the year now.

There was also a Vose Family lived near me, when I used to live in Moss Bank.


Found this on Google.



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This may be interest.


1894 Kelly's directory of Northumberland


Vose John Confectioner 93 Westgate Road Newcastle


Vose John Confectioner 46 Bridge Street Netherwitton - a village about 8 miles from Morpeth




1894 Kelly's directory of Cumberland


Vose John confectioner 5 English Street Carlislr


1921 Directory


Voses Ltd - confectioners - 14 Priestpole Hexham



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This John Vose is my great grandfather. I have the following information about properties from Directories.


In 1890 (Wards) there is a single property recorded:


· J Vose, confectioner 30 New Bridge Street.





In 1894 (Kelly’s) there are the following:

  • 30 New Bridge Street
  • 93 Westgate road
  • 33 Sandhill
  • 93 Westgate Road


J Vose is referred to as a manufacturing confectioner.


In 1898 J Vose is listed in the trade directory as a confectioner and appears to have premises in the following places:

  • 30 New Bridge Street NE1
  • 93 Westgate Road NE1
  • 33 Sandhill NE1
  • 22 Shields Road (belonged in 1894 to a fishmonger) NE6
  • 25 Shieldfield Green (possible residential property) NE2




Maynards Ltd also had premises in Ouseburn Road.

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Dear 'Tiggy' and John,


Thanks ever so much for your help! I've just discovered an article in the Times from 1896 which proofs that Maynards Ltd acquired the premises on Shields Rd, New Bridge St, Sandhill and Westgate Rd. Ouseburn Rd. shows up as 'the factory' so there's a good chance it also belonged to J Vose.


'Tiggy', do you know why your great grandfather decided to sell and moved to Lancashire? His Newcastle business seems to have been quite successful.



Kind regards


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Hi Silvie


Thanks for adding to my information about John Vose. I didn't know the year when he sold to Maynards. Why he sold is a mystery - he had 2 sons in the business. He was anxious to get on and moved his family from Liverpool to start the business arouund 1888 and seems t have done phenomenally well. He stayed in Newcastle until circa 1888 and then retired to his home town of St Helens and lived very comfortably of the profits of the sale until he died. In fact inherited some Maynard's shares from my father.


Wat exactly is it that you are researching?





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Hi Mary,


How exciting to read all this information, thank you! Would you like me to send you the Times article (not sure if I can send documents through this forum?)?


I hope you don't mind me asking you all these questions. The derelict Maynards 'Toffee Factory' as it is called here is currently being converted into a home for creative businesses, and the new managers are trying to reconstruct its history. They got stuck when they got to your great grandfather and asked me if I had more info (I have interviewed former Maynards factory employees as part of an Oral History project).


Did you mean he stayed in Newcastle until 1898? Do you have any documents relating to his time in Newcastle, and / or are there any old family photographs that could possibly be copied (again, please let me know if I'm asking too much!)


I believe one of the 2 sons you mention was John, he stayed in Newcastle, and I have just found the name of his granddaughter (she lives round the corner from me!)


And finally, are you happy for me to pass this information on to the Toffee Factory Managers, and if yes, would you be happy to be named in their press / marketing materials?


Kind regards


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Hi Sylvie


Thank you and yes I did mean 1898. I'm really sorry - no photographs or papers unfortunately! I did read on another site (google - vose toffee newcastle) that there exists a poster of a Vose shop but I haven't tried to track it down. I do know that in 1891 the family were living in Ouseburn Road, Heaton Haugh anad the 2 sons were working as sugar boilers.


It is really interesting to find his work is still of interest after so many years and actually quite appropriate that the factory is to be a home for creative businesses as he was an real entrepreneur - coming from nothing - uprooting his family in those days could not have been easy. An enigma of a man. I would love to know why he sold and why he was content to retire at such an early age.


Would love to see the Times article - could you email direct? pandmhitt@btinternet.com and happy for any information to be passed on etc.





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