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Lily Parr

Ray W

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Hi, all you St Helens folk, does any member know of the whereabouts of living relatives to the famous lady footballer Lily Parr. I have just finished writing a story about her and would like to give them the opportunity to read my work before publication. The nearest I have got so far is that the wife of the late Saints player, Geoge Parr(thought to be related) went to live with a daughter somewhere in town. Any help or suggestions for research appreciated.


Ray Waring, Tel.885547 Or email rayw91141(at)yahoo.co.uk

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Hi Ray,


If you Google "Lily Parr" there are many articles about her. One of thearticles shows a headstone with her sister's name as being Doris Reeves. Maybe this will be of help to you. Here is a listing of one of the articles.





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Ive lost your phone No. I told you that there was a George Parr well as you know he is no longer with us But his brother John is still going I spoke to him to-day so can you ring me and i will pass it on to John

Yours Richards mate

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Hi Ray. I know this was posted in 2011 but i am Lilys great neice. My grandad (Bob) is Lilys brother. I'm researching my great aunt as her life really interests me. If you could get intouch that would be great. Hope you found the information you was looking for. :)



Thanks for info about Lily Parr's nephew it's set the ball rolling again!! Hope John Parr will speak to me soon.


Ray W.

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Hi Lucy, welcome.gif to Connect, I don't know how much research you have already seen or done,

but as others have mentioned there are a lot online, here are some links in case you haven't seen them before.


She even has her own Wiki page, which contains more links.








http://www.suttonbeauty.org.uk/suttonhistory/sport/ (Scroll down to near bottom)

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