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Gleave family

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Don't you just love the internet?!!!


Although my main interest is researching local men who served in WW1, I also enjoy discovering who their ancestors were.


Edward Gleave was born in 1894, the son of Henry and Mary Gleave of Prescot Road, St Helens. He was awarded the Military Medal in the London Gazette 7 October 1918.


The recommendation for his MM states:


" For great bravery during the fighting near LOISNE from 11th to 14th April 1918. Regardless of danger he worked unceasingly and with the greatest coolness through an intense bombardment bringing in casualties to comparative safety. On several occasions he volunteered to take messages through very heavy shell fire, thereby securing early help and hastening the evacuation of the wounded."


The recommendation is dated 18 April 1918.


After the war, Edward became a master at Rydal School in North Wales and I am currently researching this aspect of his life.


Edward Gleave, was born in Sculcoates, one of the children of Henry Hurd Gleave and his wife Mary. In 1901, Henry was working as a "Glass works clerk" living in Prescot Road, St Helens with his wife and children, Harold, Edward, Catherine, Eleanor Atkinson (who was described as a "governess" ) and Alice Pye (described as a "domestic servant). I noted that Henry place of birth was given as "Barbados".


My initial thoughts were that Henry's father, John Rowland Gleave, may have served at sea or in the army. However further digging has revealed him to have been a Wesleyan missionarary who had postings in the West Indies and South America as well as various parishes in this country. "The History of the Wesleyan Missionary Society" gives his various postings as:


1862 Demerara Georgetown Br. Guiana.

1863 Barbados James St W.Inds

1869 St Vincent

1870 Barbados James St

1871 London Lambeth

1874 Preston Lune Street

1877 Sunderland Fawcett Street

1880 Newcastle-Tyne Blenheim Street

1883 Hull Waltham Street

1886 Wakefield

1889 Huddersfield Buxton Road

1892 Seacombe

1895 Manchester Longsight


John Rowland Gleave died in 1910, leaving his widow Louisa ( a Hitchcock before her marriage) who in 1911, was visiting her son Henry at "the Laurels", Prescot Road, St Helens.


I am finding the Gleaves a fascinating family to research and I am looking forward to further discoveries!

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Hi, I have a Book prize for Edward Gleave,  Cowley Schools , St Helens,  dated December 1907, he was pupil in Class 1VG  presented for  General Improvement by Headmaster E.J.Simpson MA.  The books title- With Wolseley to Kumasi aTale of the First Ashanti War.   

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