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Hayes St/Sunbury St Area


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Hello, i'm new to the site.


Just wondering if anyone has any memories or old photos of the Hayes St and Sunbury street area? I know live in Hayes street and my grandad says he used to live at the bottom of sunbury street (which is now demolished and grassed over). Be interesting to see any old photos if you have any





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My Mum and Dad live on Hayes St, My Dad has lived there since he was 8yrs old, Il ask to see if there is any photos of the bottom of Sunbury St, I vaguely remember the houses at the bottom being knocked down.

The Youth Club as it was when I was a kid is now a kiddies nursery, it has been the council office, part of social services aswell as being empty for years

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Does anyone have pictures of the old 'well' that was on the waste land just off the junction of Hayes St and Sunbury St? When I was a kid I remember it being what seemed like a massive basin which was empty but I'm sure was used for water storage or something? It was filled in many years ago but I have never seen pictures of it.

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