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Wondering if anyone can identify with these family ancestors


Richard FAHY/FOY/FYE married Margaret GORMAN c 1836/7 Originally from Ireland.. Sons James b 1837 and John b 1838 born in St.Helens.


James FOY married Ellen PARTINGTON c 1859 St.Helens, Parish Church.


Thomas FOY - married Margaret Ellen WAINWRIGHT 1890, Parr Mount, Holy Trinity.


.Peter FOY - married Gertrude PREECE,1916, Parr Mount, Holy Trinity.


Elizabeth E. FOY - married Albert COOK 1917, Eccleston, St. Thomas.


James FOY - married Margaret DALY, c 1923/4 Pennsylvania, USA.


Louise FOY - married Joseph WILLIAMS, 1926, Parr Mount, Holy Trinity.


Thomas FOY - married Annie MORGAN 1929, Parr Mount, Holy Trinity.


Wm. Henry FOY - married Sarah Jane [Molly] JONES, 1931,Sutton, St. Nicholas.


Appreciate hearing from anyone that might have further information. Have a small amount of information to share.

Regards Margaret NJ USA tootsfoyward@yahoo.com

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I have an Ellen Partington born 1839 father Henry mother Mary Roughley but have no idea who she married. They lived in Windle.



Just found them on some data someone else gave me because we had the same families


Ellen Partington and James Foy, she died 1908 he died 1895 they had the following children Richard 1860 Thomas 1869 James 1871 John 1874 Henry 1875


Cant prove any of this as it is his family but can give you info for generations above Ellen if you require, some of the Partingtons married Mormons and went to Utah.

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Hello Ratty.

Haven't been on this site for quite some time. My computer has been hacked and most of my information has been taken. However I do remember some of the information.

Ellen PARTINGTON & James FOY were married 1859 [i have a cert.] Richard b 1860 d shortly after, Thomas b 1868 d 1931,

James b 1871 d ?, John b 1874 d ?.

I am in the process of trying to find someone and I hope to find that person on this site.

If you could get back to me at tootsfoyward@yahoo.com I would appreciate it.

Take care. Regards Margaret

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