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Flagged Name Interests


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By flagged, I mean entries that end up suffixed with (!).


This is for a reason.


When we designed our name interests list it was decided that forenames should not be included. We could all put every instance of a forename with surnames and we'd have an impressive massive list. Or we could put every variation of a surname in, or mix in variations with the same entry.


But it doesn't work like that. The idea is that the surname should be clickable to set off a search of the forums to find topics to do with that particular surname. The original idea was ruined by the fact that you can't launch searches by external means in IPB3, but we got around that by using the Google bot index. Name interests topics are (eventually) indexed.


So if you put, for example, Smith/Smyth or Smith (Tommy) - then the stupid thing will not damned well work - well, not unless you made a topic called 'Smith/Smyth' or 'Smith (Tommy)' and that will not be allowed because then everyone will start doing it and we'll have a very large (and a not very impressive nor effective) list.


Similarly if you have ancestors using the same surname in different areas - don't go putting separate entries in for SMITH in Windle, Sutton, Eccleston, Parr, Haresfinch, Thatto Heath, etc. Put St Helens. Make a topic about your Smiths.


Oh - you just don't get what I mean, do you?


Entries ignoring the rules will eventually be removed. We'll give you time to fix things, but it's not on.


Many thanks to the vast majority of members who have not ignored the rules. You can ignore this message. :)



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