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If you've put some entries into the name interests list you might like to put a 'Names' link into your post profile - like mine to the left of this post. You can do that on this settings page. Simply put your member number into the 'Names' field. To find your member number, look at your own profile and your number will be next to your display name in the last part of the URL in your browser's address bar - e.g. mine says: user/1-dave/ (and 1 is my member number).


But see next message for something a lot easier.

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Simplifying this - yes - this is so simple there's no need to do anything other than click a link. :)


There isn't much point in doing this unless you have actually put some entries into the name interests list. If you haven't put any names in then your Names link will cause a slight error and return to the site index if clicked (and annoy people!).


So if you have added names then just click this link to make a Names link.


To remove the Names link, use the link to your profile settings page in the above post and remove the number from the Names field.

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