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Hi, i am hoping someone on this forum can help me with some details of my relatives from the St.helens area.


I am looking for any information on JNO COLKQUIT born 1702 place unknown, his son THOMAS COLKQUITT born 11-01-1734, Sutton, then his son THOMAS COLQUIT born 1759 who married Elizabeth Winstanley at St Helens parish church in 1779.


My grandfather was named Harold William Powell Colquitt & was born at no.31 Exeter st,in St Helens in 1910, he was brought up in Widnes & died in 1990.


What remains of their descendants, myself included now live in Runcorn.


As you can see the surname has changed a little since 1702.


If anyone out there can help me find any information, siblings, spouses or even JNO Colqkuit`S parentage i would be extremely grateful.


Thank you

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Thanx for that John,

If anyone has any info on the spouses of JNO & THOMAS COLKQUITT it would help my research into my familys family tree & i of course would willingly share my information to anyone who required the Colquitt family history & have already.


Many thanx


Tony Colquitt

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Not sure if it’s of any use or interest, but the following men appear in the 1918 Absent Voters List:-


James Colquit, 136 Raglan Street

Pte 42328, South Wales Borderers


William Colquit, 136 Raglan Street

Pte 13188, South Lancashire Regiment


James Colquit, 81 Liverpool Road

Pte 577174, Labour Corps


Richard Colquitt, 283 Clockface Road

Pte 179108, 114th Training Reserve Battalion


James Colquit, 44 Fidler Street

Pte 90887, Welsh Fusiliers

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Hello Colquit,

I am a Colquitt and deep in research into my ancestors - I am currently stuck on my Gt.Gt.Grandfather William who was born in 1784-86 and married to first wife in St.Mary the Virgin, Blackbrook - and possibly baptised there, he was literate and had wealth when he died. I need to establish his father who would have been born around the 1740-50's.

I don't know how much you know about the Colquitt name - but it goes back to medieval times.

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