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lion in the clegg


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how will you know it's me ollie, that photo in my avatar is definitely not me.



awwwww, schucks, don't tell me THAT, Hj! What a disappointment, I was quite looking forward to meeting you :mwah: .

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Hello everyone, the lion in the Clegg is a very interesting story, and one that many a young boy or girl for that matter would not find out of place in an Enid Blyton book.


The best part about it, is as the photographs show, it is true.


Interestingly I have been telling this story for many years, through having lived in Germany, spending time in Malaysia, Singapore, visiting China and now living in Swindon.




Quite simply, because I was the person at about 13 or 14 years of age (I can't remember), who found the Lion, together with a group of small kids.


I built a little raft out of pallets and drums as most kids did in the summer, I lived at 223 Elephant lane, opposite Tannery farm garage.


Whilst rowing across the Clegg in the middle of the lake, I hit what I thought was a rug, I prodded it with my floor board oar, it rolled around and the face of a lion appeared out of the water, we all ran around like nutters and someone called the police, the rest is history, and it was indeed a travelling circus, that had disposed of the lion, in order to avoid the environmental health paperwork.


Barry S.

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It's the small lake in between Nutgrove Hall Drive and Elephant Lane; right at the back of Thatto Heath Crusaders Ground and The Orchard Nursing Home.



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I worked for St.Helens council at the time and the dead Lion was brought in Hardshaw Brook depot,i seen it and its the first time i have ever been within a few feet of a Lion.

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