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stockley family of prescot


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I presume you are talking about William R Stockley b Q2 1918 reg in Haslingden.


On 1911 Census mother Mildred living at 1 High Street, Accrington

Hi jvy20,


Yes I am talking about William R Stockley b in 1918. He is my late grandmother's brother. I have been trying to find out who his father is. I've been told two stories related to his father, one that his father was killed during WW1 and the other that he was willing to marry Mildred but was talked out of it by his friends who put doubts into his mind as to whether William was his child. Do you know anything that may shed some light on the mystery?

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I think the R stands for Rushton. His death is recorded Q4 1980 Hyndburn & Rossendale. Date of birth given as 21 Feb 1918.


Marriage possibility William R Stockley to Olive Wright 1945 Haslingden, Lancs. Found one possible child Brian reg Q3 1947 Haslingden.


Cannot found anything on war

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Hi Stockley1989, Found the name Stockley and a photo, in these links about Japanese POW's.






I don't know if they are related to you, but there are Stockleys on the PROH and the SHROH.





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When my Mum worked on the home help,she had one lady named Stockley,she lived at the Warrington road end of Eccleston St. In the cottages opposite the co-op.She had lived in Prescot all her life.This would have been 62/63, as I was still at primary school.

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Hi all,


With relation to my late grandma's brother William Rushton Stockley I know that he indeed did marry Olive Wright and have many pictures of them. They did have a son Brian who sadly died as a baby. However as I have already said nothing is known about his father and indeed there is more than one explanation as to why the father disappeared. I've managed to trace the family back to the 1700s where it then gets complicated as there as so many Francis's and Williams'. I would be grateful if anyone can tell me anything about my great-grandma Mildred Evelyn Stockley. I know she was born in 1892 to my great-great grandparents Alfred and Annie, she had my uncle in 1918 in Haslingden and my grandma in 1929 in Woolwich. I know my grandma's father is James Smith who served in the army which is probably why my grandma was born in Woolwich but currently haven't found their marriage. Mildred did work in the Stockley family business and I think she passed away when my Dad was young, he remembers her living with them.

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Hi, sorry for a late addition to the thread. My 3xgt-grandfather was William Stockley (1810-1854), son of William Stockley (1779-1830) and Margaret Sixsmith (1781-1859). From Lancs Parish Clerks I think William Sr. was the youngest son of the 'brewer' John Stockley (1731-1792) and his wife Mary (d.1784) - their other children included the Thomas (1757-1816) and Edward (1768-1840) already mentioned by members.


Now I know that John was the son of another John Stockley (d.1748) and his second wife Ann Shaw (?1707-1782), and the elder John was a yeoman farmer and beer brewer at Prescot Hall (I'm guessing that's not as impressive as it sounds?) - but beyond that there's a bit of a gap in Stockleys appearing in the Prescot parish records. There are a couple of possible baptisms for John in West Derby in 1697 and 1704, which look likely since he's described as a 'yeoman of Walton' at his first(?) marriage (at Warrington in 1725, to Ann Shaw's sister or cousin Mary)..


Has anyone had more luck getting further back? I'd love to link them up with the Stockleys in Prescot in the 1500s and early 1600s, and the same names crop up (Edward, Catherine, Richard, etc), but it's not looking too hopeful.. Thanks!

Hi Trying to trace family history and the information on this post is part of my family link to John and Ann shaw unaware of first marrage to mary regards further back i think Johns father born 1668 married Elizabeth Walsh in 1689 at Aughton by Ormskirk his father was Richard born 1632 and his father was Hamlett who married Ann Pendleton in 1628 not confirmed facts as yet its a minefield can go back to 1495 Stockleys very prominent in the early 1500s church wardens and recorder of births deaths and marriages any help would be apreciated Les

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I have done a bit of research on the Whitehead family. Thomas whitehead is my gggfather. Daniel Whitehead son of Simeon and Elizabeth is my ggrandfather. His son William Whitehead is my grandfather.

I have gone back to 1781 with the Whitehead side. More than happy to share.

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On ‎07‎/‎08‎/‎2009 at 09:02, stephen nulty said:

The 1901 census has several families in Prescot and there are several men called "Sandyland Stockley", so it looks like this is a "family name" of some sort. Many of them are in the watchmaking industry but there are a few coal miners as well.


I knew a Sandy Stockley from Kingsway back in the 1960's, and his son married my aunt. Neil and Philip Stockley of Prescot are my cousins.

My grandmother was a "Stockley" She was married to a Harry Moores. My dad was her first son,, and her second son was called SANDILAND! (or maybe "Sandyland".) She had seven offspring, 4 girls ,3 boys. She lived 9  Station Road , prescot.  Cheers,  Harry Moore (Somewhere or other my dad lost the s off Moores !

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The forename Sandyland (and variants) is one of the mysteries of Prescot - if anyone has a theory I'd love to hear it

Most generations of Stockley families have a Sandlyland as do the female Stockley offspring when they marry e.g Moores, Waine, etc

I have the Moores family in my databas



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Hi all,     my Grandmother , Alice Stockley, is the daughter of a Sandiland Stockley, who died in 1920 and whose father was also called Sandiland Stockley.  !

added 9 minutes later

sorry ,  my grandmother ,Alice, was the sister of the second Sandyland Stockley,   The first (who died in 1820) was her father ! He was the son of John Stockley and Jane (Mercer ?).

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Hi Anjela,  I am a direct descendant of John and Sandyland Stockley, who was my Great-grandfather.

John Stockley (1796-1870) married Jane Mercer (1786-1854) in 1819.

They had :   (Mary (1923-  ,    Ann(1828-   ,   Elizabeth (1830-  ,  Ralph (1837-   , Pheobe ( 1836-1915), and Sandiland ( 1837-1920) and Thomas (1843-  .

Sandiland married  twice :

1.   to Alice Hankey (1837- 1873) in 1858

They had : Jane (1860-   ,  John (1864-  ,  Zaccheus ( 1885-  ,   Sandiland  ( 1868 - .

2 . to Esther Miller (1846- 1919) in 1874. Her parents were James Lyon (1846-1919) and Jane Heyes.

They had :  Edward (1874- ,  Susannah (1878-   ,  Thomas ( 1880-  , and Alice (my granny) (1881-1960).

My Granny (Alice) had seven children with Harry Moores:

Esther, Harry (my Dad) , Sandiland !!, Alice, Minnie, James and Anne.

If you let me have an e-mail address I can send you a lot more data if you need it, including birth, marriage and death certificates !

You interest in The Stockley's is ?

Cheers,  Kindest Regards,   Harry Moore ( 1939- ?? ) ( ex of 33, West View, Huyton Quarry, now of Oakley Bedfordshire)

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Dear Ratty ,    Thanks for this !!    your John Stockley   born 1796     was my great great grandfather  !Please see my other posts on the stockley subject. I now have my great great great grandfather/mother  !!!    Thomas Stockley B Married Mary Fillingham 12 July 1784 Prescot St Mary, witnesses Thomas Johnson, Samuel Southern!!!!!!



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