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Help Wanted - LELESZIS


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Hi All


Help wanted on the name LELESZIS


My Great-Aunt Hannah Holden born September 16th 1889 daughter of James & Sarah Ann Holden nee Mellors married George LELESZIS son of John at Holy Cross R.C. May 7th 1910 wit Joseph Szievinlezis & Anna Augustadis


The name Campbell was in brackets along side George’s name


Found 6 children for George & Hannah all baptised at Holy Cross R.C. under the name LELESZIS and at the side of every child’s name Campbell in brackets


Could they have change there name by Deed Pool from Leleszis to Campbell.


I am completely stuck on this family any help would be gratefully received no matter how small




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Hi Ron,


This is a tricky one. I Googled the name LELESZIS and got no hits (other than hits connected directly to posts you have made). I think this must be an unusual spelling on an unusual name. Have you got any spelling variants you can suggest?


I tried the same with SZIEVINLEZIS & AUGUSTADIS and got the same results as above. However, I tied a spelling variant of AUGUSTADIS; AUGUSTIDIS and discovered this spelling of the name is a Romanian name of Greek origin.


Had you been thinking LELESZIS was originated from a particular country?


Regards, Kirsty :)

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Hi Kirsty


There is various spellings of the name but this one LELESZIS is the way it is spelt in the baptism records of Holy Cross R.C. Have a look on Lancashire B.M.D. all the children of George & Hannah Campbell nee Holden are listed apart from Mary Magdalene Leleszis ( Campbell ) as Leleszis, so the name is a correct one, my Auntie says the name could be Polish, the family is buried under the name Campbell, no idea how this name Campbell came about.



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It might be an idea to find a UK hosted forum for Poles and ask some Polish speaking users what they make of the name. It might be familiar to someone who could perhaps tell you if it is regional name or give you a meaning perhaps.


Just a thought. Kirsty :)


Just had a look on FreeBMD and the only LELESZIS in the entire of the index (no LELESZIS at all anywhere else in the country) are the three births of John, George and William. Was the boys' father born in this country? If so what was his name registered as?

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Hi kirsty


Yes these are the births of John, George and William there father is George he died aged 73, buried St Helens Cemetery



Sacred Heart of Jesus have Mercy on the Soul Of

George Campbell Beloved Husband of Hannah

Who Died April 21st 1955 Aged 73 Years

Also Hannah A Dear Wife and Mother

Who Died April 1st 1974 Aged 84 Years

Also George Beloved Son of George Campbell

Died April 24th 1968 Aged 47 Years

Also William Campbell his son

Died June 8th 1951 Aged 28 Years


So born 1882 going of this inscription, I have tried 1891 1901 census under Campbell and Leleszis no luck, if he was polish or Lithuania he might have only arrived in this country after 1901 so I have no idea where his birth was recorded, his father is John from his marriage record


The family lived in Fingerpost, St Helens last known address is 21 Orrell St that was in 1955, I have George’s obituary and all names on that are Campbell no mention of Lelesziz.



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Hi All


I have found where George LELESZIS was born + it is Russia.


1911 census: person search results


1 results found. You searched for:







Last names








Last names Algorithm








Birth Place
















HOUSEHOLD LELESZIS GEORGE M 1889 22 Prescot Lancashire





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