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Hello All..


I am trying to locate James Manley born about 1887 in St Helens he married Bridget McLoughlin in 1913, She was born in 1891. Their address is unknown they did have 13 children


Patrick James


James Michael

Michael John

John Anthony


William Edward


Bernard Anthony

Vincent Gerrad

Thomas Edward he died in world war 2 his body was never located


plus 2 other children who died young their names are unknown at present they were both male has far as i know at this time


Any information is greatly recieved no matter how small


Thanks in advance



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There are 3 James Manley on the 1901 census for St Helens


James Manley born 1895

Mother: Ann

Sister: Anne

Address: 14 Peter Street



James Manley born 1900

Father: Thomas

Mother: Mary Ellen

Address: 9 Liverpool Street



James Manley born 1899

Father: Anthony

Mother: Mary A

Address: 13 Grafton Street


As they were married at Sacred Heart in 1913 it can't be any of the last two, but the address for the first one would tally with Sacred Heart parish.


Had a look on census for Bridget McLoughlin, only one living at 71 Brook Street with parents Patrick and Mary (both born Ireland), sisters Catherine born 1892, Margaret born 1886 and brother Patrick born 1896.

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on as I have a Manley connection in my tree

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If it's this Bernard Anthony Manley (born about 1933, died 1997) then I knew him. I worked with him for about 7 or 8 years. I know that he definitely had a brother called Vincent because I met him and I remember him saying that they were a big family. I think that Bernard grew up in one of those streets off Borough Road (it might have been Manning Street). This must be the one because he had nephews that weren't all that much much younger than him - and I do recall that he was quite bitter towards the Japanese about a brother who had died in the war. Plus - I remember him saying how he'd visit his only sister, which I assume would have been Bridget buried with parents in 1992 (from link in Eddie's first post on thread).

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One of those who died young seems to have been a girl:


Mary A Manley, mother McLoughlin - Birth Q4 1913 Prescot 8b 1499, Death Q2 1914 Prescot 8b 970 aged 0.


Patrick James was born Q1 1915 Prescot 8b 1493.


No others on FreeBMD yet..

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I lived next to a Vincent Manley at 137 Windleshaw Road, Dentons Green in the 70's/early 80's (he lived at 139), but I'm not sure this is the same brother of Bernard that you referred to. Wife Betty, Daughters Helen & Susan and Sons Michael & David. Died tragically young of a heart attack in 1980. I'll get on to my dad and see if he knows anything about brothers/sisters, to establish if it was him.



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The brother that I met lived in Doulton Street or Gladstone Street - one of those between Boundary Road and Dunriding Lane. You might be right though - this might have been a different brother (it's a long time ago). I definitely remember him talking about a brother called Vincent and I might've got mixed up regards the one I met (I worked with Bernard between 1975-1981-ish). The heart trouble, I believe, was common throughout the family.

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