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Looking for links to GRACE & related GORST families.


Richard GRACE b.1879 of Sutton married Winifred MC CARTHY b1882? in 1902 St Nicholas Sutton.


Richard GRACE (railway foreman) born 1846 Bold/Penketh married 1876 in West Derby to Alice ROWLANDS b. 1846 of Warrington. Lived in Sutton.


John GRACE (tailor) born 1816 Childwall married 1844 in West Derby to Alice GORST b.1821 Eccleston. He later lived in Peckers Hill Road as an insurance salesman.


(His brother Henry GRACE b 1821 married her sister Mary Ann GORST b1826 Eccleston between 1846-47?,

and their son Richard GORST b.1870 Tarbock married a Mary Emma GORST b1851 in Widnes, daughter of William GORST b1827 Frodsham?)


Their parents were Richard GRACE and Margaret BURSCOUGH both born C1795 Prescot. Her father Edward was a watchmaker married to Ann HARRISON.


I can offer some infomation regarding the GRACE family, but would really welcome any info on the other names especially GORST Eccleston.


Other Names of interest are: ALCOCK. PLATT. YATES. MEE. CUNLIFFE




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I wonder if there is any connection to my great-uncle Edward Grace (listed as Edward Grace Jr.) who seems to have moved from 86 Hanover Street to 99 Harris Street in the first decade of the 20th century? He served in the Great War, married my great-aunt Bessie Robinson and died at 32 Swinburne Road in 1943. He seems to have had a sister called Alice Hannah. I think he was sunday school superintendent at St. Andrew's in Dentons Green Lane, and worked in the Town Hall at the Borough Treasurer's dept. Would be grateful for any information.

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I will have a look into that. Off the top of my head John Grace b1816 had a son Edward who I believe married a Rachael and was an insurance-man around 1895. Alice Hannah sounds very familiar also. Richard Grace b1846 who married 1876 to Alice Rowlands had 12 surviving children so he could easily be from their line. I'll look for a link when I get hold of the tree.




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Hi 'Griffin'


Do you have a date of birth? There are several branches of the Graces, and in mine there IS an Edward Grace son of Richard Grace and Alice Rowlands who was born in Sutton and baptised at St Nicholas in 1868. I don't know who he married, but may well check out what happened to these 11 siblings of my gt gt gt grandad. He could well be the father of Edward Grace jr?



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Hi Steph and thanks. My cousin in Australia has access online to all the BMD and Census records, and I don't know how much work he's done on Uncle Ted (Edward Grace Jr.) yet. All I can come up with is the year he was born based on his age at death in the council's cemetery records. I'll just check that in case it's any sort of guide. Back in a few minutes. :)


Just checked up and it seems Edward Grace Jr. died 2nd January, 1943 at the age of 59, so that looks like a year of birth approx. 1884. Thanks again for any further info.

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Hi Griffin,


I believe we have a link here.


Edward Grace born 1884 is the son of Edward Grace born 1851 in Bold and he is the son of John Grace and Alice Gorst (or Gorse) as mentioned earlier.


1891 CENSUS. Church Road Rainford

Edward Grace 40 head, widower, Insurance agent, born Bold

Elizabeth daughter 16 confectioner born Sutton

William 15 son assistant confectioner b Warrington

Edward 8 son scholar St Helens


Elizabeth Leyland servant housekeeper 25 born Crewe Chesire


1901 CENSUS Denton's Green Lane

Edward Grace 49 head, Collector for Friendly Society

Elizabeth wife 45 (looks iffy on the page) born Crewe (married the housekeeper?)

Elizabeth 26 in house service

Edward 17 clerk at the town hall

John 8

Cecil 5


Does this help? So one of your Grandparents was a Grace? I'm a bit 'slow of the mark'.



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Hi Steph - this is really fantastic! I think there is no doubt that the Edward Jr. on your list is my great-uncle. So far, I have found Edward Grace registered to vote at 86 Hanover Street in 1909-10, so this presumably was Edward Senior. Edward Jr. first appears at 99 Harris Street in 1911-12 electoral register, but also qualifies for 86 Hanover Street as well. Possibly his father had died by then. I recently discovered that he had served in the First World War, and I obtained his service details. He married Bessie Robinson, who was the sister of my grandfather Austin Robinson. They lived at 99 Harris Street until 1930, when they moved to a new house in Swinburne Road. Edward Grace died there in 1943, and Bessie in 1971. They had no children. What is also really exciting, though, is your mention of Cecil. I think he is Uncle Ses, of whom I have some photographs, but I didn't know who he was or where he fitted into the family (as a child, I had to refer to all adults as Uncle or Auntie, which can be confusing later on!). If I am correct, Uncle Ses was a train driver. We have quite a few photographs we are trying to identify, and I have a feeling that one or two of them may be members of the Grace family. I notice that Alice Hannah Grace is not mentioned in your list, so I assume she was someone who married into the Grace family - her age was 62 when she died in 1940, and she is buried with Edward and Bessie. It will take me a while to digest fully the information in your last post - the name Leyland definitely rings a bell, for one thing. I don't suppose you have any photographs of any members of the Grace family we could compare ours with? There are still quite a few we can't yet put names to. I'll see if I can remember anything about the other people you mention, and meanwhile let me know if there is any information I can help you with. Many thanks.

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Your idea that Edward Grace married the housekeeper is correct.


Edward Grace married Elizabeth Layland 19 Aug 1892 at Rainford Parish Church.









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Bit of a long shot, perhaps, but I don't suppose the name Minnie Leyland means anything? I have an old Edwardian picture postcard sent from Minnie Leyland to my great-grandmother Cecilia Kate Robinson in Harris Street, who was Edward Grace jr's mother-in-law. She signs herself "your niece Minnie Leyland" and mentions Ted (Edward Grace Junior, above).

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Goodness me! Exciting stuff. Can't wait to show my mum!


(and Thanks John..X by the way? Are you a Yates?)


We've got some names on the family bible we can't place, I'm certain there is a Minnie in there. I'll take a look.


Let me digest what you've said and I'll post again soon. We never seen any photos at all. The only one we have is of Henry Darlinton who's mother was Elizabeth Grace. So I'd be so pleased to see pictures. I've got a feeling we're going to find some close links here. If you want to go through it..


I have Edward snr on 1871 CENSUS. Barrow st Sutton

John Grace head 54 commision agent. Halewood

Alice (Gorse) wife 50 Eccleston

Edward son railway booking clerk, Bold

Margaret daug. 9, Penketh

Mary Gorse mother-in-law widow 74 Burtonwood


I'm in the process of tracking the Gorse family. Looks like Mary (Foreshaw)? Married Thomas Gorse in 1816 in Warrington. They had a son James three months prior to their wedding in Burtonwood. This is early days stuff but it's looking good. A Mary Forshaw was christened on 28/6/1795 in Burtonwood.


1861 Census Stocks La Penketh

John Grace head 44 Tailor Halewood

Alice wife Eccleston

Edward son 9 Bold


1851 Census Bold High Rd

John Grace head 34 Tailor Halewood

Alice wife 30 Eccleston

William son 8 Parr

Richard 5 Halewood

Thomas 3 Little Woolton


Phew! I'll try and find Edward with his first wife in 1881. I've been tracing Richard as he is the direct blood line. The Graces go back to 1681 William Grace Woolton, so there's a lot if you want it?






PS Where did you find the electoral register?


Just found this.


Edward Grace b1852 Bold died 22/7/1927

sp. Racheal b1852 Mow Cop Staffordshire.


Elizabeth 1875 Sutton

William Grace 1876 Warr

Alice Hannah 1878 Warr

Margaret 1880

Edward 1883 St Helens (married Elizabeth Layland of Crewe)

John Grace 1893 Rainford

Cecil 1862 Penketh.


So Edward Junior married the house keeper! And there is Alice Hannah.





Apologies. The lady who gave me this is mistaken. Edward senior married the housekeeper. On the 1891 says he is the head age 49, and they have crossed out her age as 35 and put 45 instead. Must have been something a bit fishy going on?

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Thinking about my previous post, I now believe that 86 Hanover Street was more likely to have been Edward Junior's first address when he left home, as it is a much more modest house than any in Dentons Green Lane. Incidentally, does the Census say what number Dentons Green Lane they lived at? The move to Harris Street was perhaps to a slightly better property; but also, when Edward junior moved to 99 Harris Street, he was then next door but one to my great-grandparents at no 95. My own grandparents, after they married, lived at no. 93, just before my grandfather and Uncle Ted joined up for the Great War. I'm not sure when Uncle Ted (Edward Junior) and Bessie got married. I have a number of picture postcards from around that time, from and to my great-grandparents and Edward and Bessie. The picture postcard seems to have been the favourite form of communication in those days, as the post was a lot quicker and more reliable too. You might be interested to see these postcards, and also what photographs I have of our Grace relatives, and some others who may well have also been Graces. I will send a PM.

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I would dearly love to see the photos and the postcards. Can you get them on here? All we have is lists of names and dates, and it's the social stuff that's really lovely to piece together. I'm convinced everybody knew one another. The service records sound facsinating too.


They lived at 188 Dentons Green La. in 1901.


Can't work out who Minnie was. She must have been a relation of Elizabeth Leyland (Grace)? I was told of a bit of a family scandal regarding someone who married beneath him, and this related to the Darlington's who joined the Graces in 1925 in Sutton. I'm now wondering if this marriage to the housekeepr is what was being refered to in actuality?


There are names of Graces I have no idea who they were, but they must have been close to end up in the Bible.


It's all good stuff.




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