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Yates (Galtrey, Platt, Alcock and Daniels) in Sutton


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Does anyone have connections to Lucy Yates (b1886) who married John William Galtrey (b1885) around 1906?


My great grand mother Ocatvia, b.1907 (nee Galtrey, then Platt, then Collins) was the daughter of the above.

She refused to say a word on the matter of her mother and took the secrets with her when she died.


Rumour has it Lucy was a money lender, or owned some kind of business on Watery La, and had a poor reputation for some reason, so much so she was called 'Black Lucy'.


Lucy moved out of the family home in Sutton with her father Edward Yates, to her sister Betsy Lee's house in Atherton in 1901, leaving her mother Lucy (nee Daniels) behind with a 1yr old boy J.W.Yates and a lodger.


Mother would have been in her forties. Who were the boy's parents? Why did husband Edward move out?


Lucy Daniels was born 1856? to Emma Alcock b1836 (with a sound family history going back to 1600's in Staffordshire). She married George Daniels b1820-1830 at St Nics Sutton in 1853. He was baptised there as an adult two days before the wedding. He was born in the West Indies and was a slater. His trail ends there. was he a coloured man? Is that where Lucy got her unkind name?


I have no informaton yet on Galtrey and Platt families.


I would be delighted if anyone has any links or details or wants to share information.


Steph G.

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