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Are there any Quinlans still in St.Helens who may be related to my gt.grandparents..Patrick and Ellen Quinlan. They appear to have arrived in the area from Ireland with a daughter, Mary, b.1880.

Whilst in St.Helens they had another daughter, Annie in 1882.

The family eventually turned up in Altrincham, Cheshire, where Patrick worked as a gardener.

Annie married John Winstanley in 1901.

I am trying to understand why they went to St.Helens(relatives there, I guess) and where they came from in Ireland. All census returns just say "Ireland".

All help greatly appreciated.


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Hi Auntiboo,

I am having similar problems to you. My greatgrandparents also settled in St. Helens from Ireland around 1865, and so far I haven't been able to uncover where in Ireland they came from. As for why they went to St. helens, the reason is that there was already a big Irish contingent there. I noted on a bulletin board from Kilkenny someone mentioned that a lot of people from Kilkenny went to St. Helens, and they even mentioned the particular street. Certainly in my ggrandparents case they later took in lodgers who came from Ireland to work in the chemical works in st. Helens.

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Q1 (Quarter 1) are the months of Jan, Feb, Mar

Q2 (Quarter 2) are the months of Apr, May, June

Q3 (Quarter 3) are the months of July, Aug, Sept

Q4 (Quarter 4) are the months of Oct, Nov, December.


Someone born in October, November or December 1900 will show as born Q4 1900, Someone born in January 1900 would be Q1 1900.

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