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Researching Rothwell


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I am searching for any info on Adam Rothwell, born around 1810, not sure which area, he was married in 1831 to Mary Birchall, they were married at St Mary's Church Prescot.

They had 2 sons, John in 1831 and William in 1834.

I cannot find any record of Adam's birth, I would welcome any assistance in my search.

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Adam Rothwell and Mary Birchall had three sons, John born 19.3.1832, baptised at All Saints, Rainford, William born c1834 and Adam born in 1835 and baptised at St. Elphins Church, Warrington on 24.5.1835. The family's address at the time was Lower Bank Street, Warrington the father's occupation was crate maker. Adam, the father died aged 29 and was buried at St. Elphins on 17.5.1835, a week before his son's baptism. His widow, Mary nee Birchall, was remarried in 1840 to William Mills, a widower with children from Rainford. Mary's sons John and William lived with the couple but are listed as lodgers on the 1841 and 1851 censuses. William and Mary also had about six children together, including twin daughters. Incidentally, young Adam Rothwell died in 1839 and was buried at St. Elphins, Warrington.


Adam Rothwell was born around 1805 but I cannot trace his parents. His son William born around 1834 is my great great grandfather. Although I have found records of his parents' marriage and his brothers' baptisms, unfortunately I cannot find a record of William's baptism.


Hope this is of interest. John and William as lodgers threw me at first until I found a record of Mary's remarriage which gave her maiden name as Birchall and her father's name as Thomas Birchall.

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Hi I am also trying to search for Adam Rothwell married to Mary Birchall, 2 sons John and William. I am aware he drowned in a quarry in Newton in Makerfield but I cannnot find dates. Any help would be great


Adam would be my 4th great grandfather. I would like to know his parents too.



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Found the marriage of
Adam Rothwell crate maker of Rainford born 1806
Mary Birchall spinster of Rianford
married Prescot St Mary October 1831
Buried in Warrington may 17 1835 aged 29 lived Lower Bank Street
I would go to the library and search through the newspapers on microfilm for the report of death, you have the date so its just a matter of searching 3 weeks either side of this and you should find it, the coroners verdict and possibly the report of the funeral.
Ancestry trees list a barbara65oz who says she has the inquest report but its not public so you would have to contact her for info, if you don't have ancestry I can leave her your email address if you like and she will contact you. Also a tree by woodhams - michael has this info. Their tree says father of Adam was Richard Rothwell mother Alice? no other info, his siblings :John 1800 James 1803 Elizabeth 1805-1807 and Elizabeth 1809 all born Bickerstaffe, Adams brother James died of consumption in Ormskirk in 1837 married to Ann Rimmer
In November 1840 Mary Birchall /Rothwell married William Mills of Winstanley at Wigan Parish Church they were both widowed, her father was William Birchall ,witnesses were Thomas Birchall and Mary Ann Fell (I dont know what relation this is to Mary but these two get married in january 1841 at st helens church Thos was born 1850 his father was William Birchall)
1841 They lived Moss lane near Mill House farm Rainford - William Mills 40 ag lab Mary his wife age 30 Ann mills 7 William Mills 5 Jane 3 John Rothwell 9 William Rothwell 7
1851 Rainford again no address but Old Bull for about 5 pages of census Willaim Mills and Mary 11 kids with them William and John Rothwell included
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