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DIANA HARRISON br 9 Aug 1839 Sutton St Helens

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Looking for any information on DIANA HARRISON br 9 Aug 1839.




Diana was 'Woopsie child 'of James Naylor and was found in the 1851 UK census living with her Grandparents JAMES and ELLEN NAYLOR ..Sutton St Helens..along with her father ..no idea what happen to her mother .. it took a few years to find out who she belonged to when we found her in the census as a Step-daughter to James and Ellen..she was not the only child found in the same census as a Step-daughter to James and Ellen Naylor..there was also a ELLEN NAYLOR found in the same census as another Step daughter to them..Ellen we traced to their daughter ANN NAYLOR..Ellen married a PETER MANN and lived in Sutton but Diana we just lost her..would like to find out what happen to her..if possible..


What we do know about her

She was br 9 Aug 1839 Sutton ..Baptized Burtonwood 10 Nov 1839 Father James Naylor Mother Ellen Harrison Spinster..church where baptism took place was St Michaels..


Anyone know what happen to Diana Naylor-Harrison?



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