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Found 1 result

  1. I visited this fairly new museum last Saturday which is located in the city Centre, next to the River Irwell. This museum tells the story of the history of democracy in Great Britain and about people's lives at home, work and leisure over the last 200 years. The collection contains printed material, physical objects and photographs of people at work, rest and play. Some of the topics covered include popular radicalism, the Peterloo Massacre, 19th century trade unionism, the women's suffrage movement, dockers, the cooperative movement, the 1945 general election, and football. It also includes material relating to friendly societies, the welfare movement and advances in the lives of working people. The building itself is highly modern and is bolted onto an older engine house. Inside there is a good modern café and a small shop. The museum is free to enter but you can donate cash. The highlight for me was the large colourful and ornate marching banners that are on display. There are several guided tours available on different themes which are recommended. added 0 minutes later added 0 minutes later added 1 minute later added 2 minutes later added 2 minutes later added 2 minutes later added 3 minutes later added 3 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 6 minutes later
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