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Found 1 result

  1. Last Thursday we finished off our "XMAS" shopping in Chester. Having not been to this particular Christmas market we thought that we would give it a go. One of the other reasons was the annual Roman Saturnalia Parade. Starting from in-front of the Cathedral and moving onto Eastgate Street we seen a brilliant parade. This experience merged two fantastic street parades.... The Saturnalia parade sees the Roman legion light up the streets with a torch-lit parade and the Winter Watch is a historic event when the city leaders would hand over the keys to the city watch. Tagged onto this is a street Parade celebrating the winter solstice together with druids, Haiti voodoo dead, marching band etc...……….it is well worth seeing as a spectacle. added 0 minutes later added 0 minutes later added 1 minute later added 1 minute later added 2 minutes later added 2 minutes later added 3 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 6 minutes later
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