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Found 2 results

  1. This is 96 Year Old Cyril Porter RN who died recently on the 5th November. He was cremated last Monday at St.Helens Crem. His family has put a notification out in the Star to ask could people attend, particularly veterans. I am pleased to say that that call did not go unanswered. Cyril was a veteran of the arctic. Note his Ushakov Medal which was personally presented to him at home in St.Helens. Cyril served from 1942-1945 on the Aircraft carrier HMS Indefatigable (R10) this included Operation Goodwood (Attack on the Tirpitz) and later in the Pacific theatre where Indefatigable was the first British ship to be Kamikaze attacked.
  2. It was a bumper turnout to recognize the 100th Anniversary of the end of the Great War. The rain subsided and the event went off almost perfectly. Here are a few images:- added 0 minutes later added 1 minute later added 2 minutes later added 2 minutes later added 3 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 4 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 5 minutes later added 6 minutes later added 7 minutes later added 7 minutes later added 8 minutes later added 9 minutes later added 11 minutes later
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