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  1. I remember Lennons well, as it was always part of the Saturday shop with my parents, when I was young. Come out with full shopping bags on each arm, and then waggle back to the bus stop near the town hall. Cannot say I recall the trolley lift though. And later I would spend many mornings stood outside Lennons waiting for the number 15 and 16 buses to take me to school at West a Park AlderHey Road.
  2. I am new here and attended the new West Park at Alder Hey Road 1965-1972. I was in town recently, and was reminiscing about the loss of a close relative, when I recalled that although I started at the new West Park I did visit the Old West Park once with my parents, to pick up my school uniform. So I walked up Prescott Road to see if I could locate the Old School and if I could remember it. I found West Park Road but the school was gone and replaced by a housing estate. Try as I might I couldn't remember much about that one visit around August 65, apart from getting off the bus on Prescot Road, and then being inside the buildings with my parents where a lady issued my school uniform. I couldn't even remember the access door . I did some research on the web and located some ariel pics of the Ravenhead works in 39 and 47, and they showed quite well the Old School. As for Alder Hey road I didn't enjoy my time there at all, like a fish out of water, but after unexpected O level success, I completed the further two A level years and did ok. I can remember most of the teachers already mentioned , and a couple of other names stick in my mind, "Jasper" - Physics teacher, Dennis LaVell - Maths, Gilmore- geography ,and an Irish bloke , taught RE?, who everybody made fun of - even the staff.
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