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  1. parrmounter

    Things you don't see anymore

    Temporary tattoos that were mainly blue that you used to get with chewing gum. You used too wet them and put them on your arms.
  2. parrmounter

    Any old parrmounters

    I did - Mr Hancock, Miss McLeod, Mr Case, Mr Glover. In standard 4 I looked after the fish!
  3. parrmounter

    parr mount school

    Hello May, I don't come on this site very often. I saw you other post about your George. Condolences. So yo only stayed at Cowley Girls for 5 years. You were always top of the class! Hope you are well and happy in Perth - the weather's better. I loved Parr Mount and have all the pictures - Miss Banks, Miss McLeod, Mr Case, Mr Glover. Great times its sad that Fingerpost has changed so much. Best wishes to all Parrmounters. GL
  4. parrmounter

    Strange St Helens words

    Childer is old English I think and said throughout the north being in your Amorites means not being quite with it as I remember what about the things you pick out of your nose = Crows and the soft shoes you played in at school = galoshes or gollies These last 2 only in St helens as far as I am aware are they still used what about "toss tail over" is that from st helens?

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