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  1. Hi - My parents were surname Pigott and my mothers family were Ashall. The Pigotts seem to be from around Billinge - my grandmother Selena Atherton married Robert Pigott. Let me know if I can help.. or if this info. connects. 1891 Census - William and Martha Ashall (nee Aspinall) were at 131 Napier St. My grandfather was born in 1898 Robert(Patrick) Ashall when they lived at 28 Cyril Street
  2. How strange - or a small world. I came across this when googling 43 Silkstone Street - the reason being is that this is the address given for my family. I am researching - the Ashalls. My Great Grandparents - William and Martha Ashall were living at 43 Silkstone Street, (previously 28 Cyril Street) in 1911 and a relative James Ashall was living there in 1930 - I found this via a report of an accident he had in the pit - Lea Green Colliery.
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