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  1. ,go on Redvee and see the comments about Cunningham not being good enough. While your at it Joe go on cherry and shite and read the posts in Wane out...
  2. Savelio just signed an extension to his contract he's going nowhere for the moment ..but I think he will deffo end up in the NRL
  3. I don't blame Thaler at all. I've seen him comitt a few blousers in the past but he had a decent game last night so I can't complain.. Dicky I wasn't referring to you chap it was the other one from over the lump! Always blames the ref when the goons get beat..
  4. You can't just single out Masoe for some reason saints don't use him like Samoa do, passing to other players and kicking on the 3rd and 4th tackle doesn't do him any favours and restricts his impact tho I agree he hasn't really set the world alight..some players went missing last night fortunately some of the kids showed some guts..but the best team won on the night and after this afternoons result can't see KR troubling them..also I think the ref Thaler had a good game so we can't blame him like some do on here..another 300 mile round trip never mind on to the 8s can't wait for 18th sept
  5. Reminds me of the hospitality seating at the DW stadium
  6. Bloody hell Sherlock how could I not see that, that's why I never made it in the met! Can still see a blokes hand on his arse..and missed the Muslim nice one alan
  7. A leg trapped underneath or what looks like a six fingered hand
  8. Took the day off, awful drive up the motorway took ages, got to St Helens with a hour to spare gotta be honest with the injuries we had we would be up against it with a fully fit Wigan team..but we put in a good team performance langtree park was rockin and Bowen came up with a mom performance nuff said..also bumped into Les Quirke the "arrow from Barrow" 400 mile round trip.. beltin
  9. On the isle of man TT prog this morning on ITV4 they did a tribute to Geoff with a interview with his son and some archive footage worth a watch
  10. Sports Direct was recently investigated by Dispatches C4 TV programme for this type of advertising, they don't close down at all and some cases just move premises, and as you've noticed no real price reductions, bulk buy stock and sell it cheaper
  11. thatchersdry


    Surprised you waited as long as you have to share your banter I bet you've been itching to get on here
  12. What a shame to see it now when I was a kid I thought Alexandra drive with the tower was dead posh and with the fountain in the lake it used to remind me of the intro from the programme The Champions.. The lawns always tidy when feeding the ducks..sit and have a natter with the blokes fishing..at Xmas the tree with big fairy lights..and the kids Xmas party..
  13. Cheers again rob, all these changes, places shutting down,new builds for a exiled "sin telliner" your keeping me and others up to date many thanks chap!
  14. Now its been pointed out I've seen a few myself over the years more recently in Tenerife thanks rob you learn something everyday
  15. Don't encourage him alan
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