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  1. My Irish aunt used to fry slices of Apple with the bacon and eggs, adding a tiny bit of sugar to them as they fried. Delicious!
  2. In the late 50s,we fifth formers would escape from horrible school dinners and catch a trolley bus from West Park for a sit-down, three course lunch at one of the new Chinese restaurants in town. Can anyone remember their names or where they were? You could choose between a 2/9d meal and a full one, with pudding, for 3/6d - which is 17.5p today. What fantastic value and very good too! We abandoned the Bear's Paw for these. Weren't they hard-working pioneers of a new culinary age? And they put up with a lot of cheek from us too! New Kid
  3. Yes. We old ones used to have to graft at unpleasant, physical jobs for a little spending money, but we didn't have those kind of debts hanging round our necks for years after our student days were over. I really admire the serious students today.
  4. Yes. Did the Christmas Post job too. Met some lovely people on my round, but have to confess to cheating a bit. When I couldn't deliver all my post within my time shift, I used to post the cards back into the post box !
  5. When I was a student, around 1960, I worked on a pea-vining machine on a farm near Rainford or Knowsely. (Can't trace where exactly) I cycled from Orrell, over Billinge lump and past Rainford at 5.30 in the morning before starting a gut straining job, forking long vines of peas from trailers into a vining machine for 12 hours a day. The worst part was emptying the s--t from the back end of the machine! Then, cycling back home the 12 miles. Luckily it was in July and the weather was good. I managed it for 10 days only and for this I earned a magnificent 31 pounds in all ! Mind you, I was never so fit.
  6. Yes. That's him! How could I have mixed up League with Association Football? When did his shop go? New Kid
  7. Hearing about the death of Sir Tom Finney has reminded me of a very famous, old time footballer who used to have a shop in Haresfinch? What was his name! New Kid
  8. I remember opening a food parcel from a relation in Chicago. It contained a bar of Lux soap which was so white (unlike our green Sunlight Soap) that I thought it was cheese. The first bite told me it was not New Kid
  9. Most of we War Babies have a recollection of our first banana! I had seen pictures of them and read about them in comics -but never eaten one until the late forties. When my Dad put one on the table beside me I grabbed it, peeled it (under instruction) and took a bite. It was horrible! No juice, not sweet, mealy and like a mushy spud! A massive disappointment after wanting a banana so much Quite like them now, though New Kid
  10. Thanks to all who have answered in this topic and for your greetings to a 'new kid'. This is certainly a friendly forum site. I suppose I was asking if the imperative of having to catch a bus in those times, and the mental consequences of missing it, made us a disciplined generation. And whether we carried that behaviour through our lives. And whether it was worth it. I have lived in Ireland for 19 years and I, as an Englishman, am expected to be punctual and correctly on time everywhere. Attitudes here are more tolerant about these things and to be late is a way of life. A dinner guest, arriving an hour and a half late at our house, told me to relax as this was the earliest she had ever been late!
  11. This sounds really ridiculous, but after a major snowstorm about 1956, buses fro Wigan to St Helens were cancelled. Because of my paranoia, I decided to walk as far as I could. I fought my way to Billinge Church - about 4 miles- through snow and high drifts but discovered that the snow stopped there. I walked on, not knowing what else to do and having a vision of a heroic schoolboy overcoming vast obstacles. I arrived at West Park around 2 o'clock to find that the school was closing early to allow pupils to get home before the next snowstorm! Luckily the buses had started running through to Wigan again by then, so I had a ride home. I got no congratulation or admiration for my efforts at school and my parents didn't even know of my travails. My older brother told me not to be so daft in future. But it was another example of the duty (fear) of that time.
  12. In my seventies, I still have nightmares of missing the bus going to school. No car at my disposal for many years after, the bus was all-important in my life. I ran for the 8.10 on Orrell Mount ( Ribble no. 352) to get to St Helens by twenty to nine. Then, a mad dash from Victoria Square for the next bus dictator - the trolley bus (Prescott no 8). Jump off at The Bird i'th Hand, charge down Dunriding Lane and along St George's Road to West Park Grammar - if lucky, by 8.57, coat and school cap in the cloakroom and at my desk by 9.00 ! I rarely missed the bus, but when I did, the trauma stayed with me. The whole journey was probably less than 12 miles but it was a daily experience that I have never forgotten. It was an important part of the day. Do children today have worries like that? I think it was a form of paranoia.
  13. How do I enter my own personal details? How do I get permission to access other members' details or contact numbers? What is a 'regular' member?

    1. kizzy


      In the dark blue band at top of this page you'll see your user name, click on it and then click on edit my profile..

    2. kizzy


      to see other member profiles click on their name. Dave will be better placed to answer your last question..


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      This might help too. > http://www.sthelens-connect.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&andor_type=&sid=1fd2267843446db905d048315a8ba0b5&search_app_filters[members][searchInKey]=members&search_app_filters[members][members][sortKey]=date&search_term=help&search_app=core

  14. West Park teachers in my day (49-58): Joan Greenall prep 1, Bert Roberts Art, Dicko Wainwright Latin, Jim Begley - caner, Johnny Rogan bully Music, Sis Crawley French, Maggie Lofthouse, French, Bopper Howarth English, Willie McDonagh Maths, Shy Pilkington Chemistry, Sam Pilkington Physics, Basil Shacklady Science, Doc Mulhen French and Fantasy, Dan Bolger English, May Reilly and Pa Reilly Bookshop. Brothers: Patrick Headmaster, Vincent Headmaster, Augustine Headmaster. Anselm- kindly, Walter - avant garde, Stephen - peevish, Serenus - frightening, Colman - jovial, James - stern, Victor - friendly, Damian - popular, Raymond - venerable, Gilbert - recruiter, Leonard - the skull, Ambrose - young. Can anyone remember the school plays? Basil and Dan Bolger were producers Do you remember all first years (new kids) had to go in the 'black hole' at the St George's Street steps. Henry Penketh's kitchen served morning milk outside the chemistry lab! Anybody out there as old as this makes me?
  15. I attended West Park from 1949 to 1958. I have some class photos from my days there but I recognise younger versions of the teachers I knew some15 years later than this picture. Second row from the bottom: 5th from left, physics teacher, Sam Pilkington (same name as Shy the chemistry teacher 7th from left, 'Sis' Crowley, French, 11th from left, Bro. James, 13th from left, 'Dicko' Wainwright, Latin and P.T.
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