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  1. Merton Bank Junior Harold Cook Headmaster Mr Hall Mr Fitsimmons
  2. i worked at fosters when i was 16 met my 1st love thre his name was john my brother worked there as well he met his wife there i wonder how many others got tog ?
  3. Anyone remember Dr Sawmy he used to have his surgery in Kemble St ? I was born in Kemble Street my uncle used to run the fruit and Veg shop on the corner near the library
  4. I recall a pub the Vaults ? on the corner of Park Rd and Merton Bank Road i used to sing there with my dad and brothers its been knocked down now and traffic lights are there .
  5. I used to work at Carmill cafe when it was renamed Redbreck lol happy days
  6. My nan lived in Napier st Alice Critchley I remember popping over to Fredricks to buy an icecream i still recall the smell amazing
  7. Does anyone remember the mayors parade ? and a horse drawn carriage ?
  8. OMG talk about a blast from the past I used to live in Ardwick St I remember Almas cafe my bothers used to go there but I was too scared I remember what she looked like though and I believe she died from cancer not sure.,I recall a very attractive lady used to go in Almac Janie ? I think her name was x
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