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  1. slmgc

    Unidentified Soldiers from Family Photos

    What do you think of this man ? CSM Robert Isaac Johnson, looks similar but the age ? http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/index.php?cas=2413 Great photos by the way. Ste M
  2. slmgc

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Wouldn't know where to start with this hacking lark! back on now, cheers. Sorry for the delay, been golfing.
  3. slmgc

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    That's strange, I removed then reloaded it but when I go anywhere off the home page I get "Error 503 : Service Temporarily Unavailable"
  4. slmgc

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Hi Dave, don't know if your on the case but SHROH has a problem! Cheers Ste M
  5. slmgc

    The Engineer Hall Cropper's Hill

    Hi, have you tried the secretary at the St Helens branch, Royal Engineers Association? alan.h.giliker@btinternet.com Regards Ste M
  6. True Jeff, that's why I suggested the local lists in individual church's done on a local level. Everyone interested will probably have a name or two they wish to remember and will do so in their own way. I'm sure the council will do something appropriate for the town, at least I hope they do!
  7. Interesting, and they video is moving. Most churches around town have memorials to those that fell and some that also served as seen here http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/memorials . Local schools could I'm sure get involved. I'm sure if there is a will by the people that can do, then something could be done. Regards, Ste M
  8. slmgc

    Parr Mill

    Try this link http://maps.nls.uk/geo/find/#zoom=17&lat=53.4586&lon=-2.7127&layers=101&b=1&point=53.4580,-2.7103 Ste M
  9. slmgc

    St helens archives

    Hi, have you looked on St Helens Rolls Of Honour? I managed to get these last year, don't know if they are your Phillips brothers. http://www.sthelensrollsofhonour.co.uk/gallery.php?search=phillips Ste M
  10. slmgc

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Yes should be a greater turnout next year for sure. Although I'm torn between going down to London and staying here! By the way, next year the 11th is a Sunday!
  11. slmgc

    St Helens Rolls Of Honour.

    Just back from the Remembrance service in town, really cold wind( much worse up on Passchendaele ridge 100 years ago without doubt though!) but, I think, the best attended I can remember. We will remember them.
  12. slmgc

    Parr Mill

    My great grandparents lived at no.9 Parr Mill and I remember my grandad telling me it was on the canal by some locks. This ties in with the 1911 census putting after 271 Park Road which would have been close to the junction of Blackbrook Road/Boardmans Lane/Park Road. Hope this helps. Ste M
  13. Ancestry and FOLD3 are available free again over the weekend, it says Commonwealth records but there is often more available than just that. Don't forget the auto re subscription !!
  14. If anyone is interested or may know someone related to any of the men on the church memorial. This is from this week Star. Page 31 http://edition.pagesuite-professional.co.uk//launch.aspx?pbid=2456ace3-0878-48d9-ae8d-1f3d3a8779e6 Ste M
  15. Hi Jeff, anything this year?

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