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  1. familyman

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    Coming from Manchester and heading north on M6 is a great improvement with its right turn instead of having to go all the way round the "island"
  2. familyman

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Got that thanks. Problem is 1st marriage between Jane Pickavance and anyone called Sharples and registration of children from that marriage (in particular Mary)
  3. familyman

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Thanks Phyll, did find that but not completely convinced thats the one. Found reference on Ancestry to a marriage between a Jane Pickavance and Peter Sharples. Need to go to library to access Ancestry. Probably need to get cert for above marriage to see if name has been wrongly transcribed
  4. familyman

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    With reference to the above query I have found the marriage of Jane Sharples (father William Pickavance) and James Chadwick (father William Chadwick), however I am struggling to find a 1st marriage for Jane Pickavance to Peter Sharples. I am also struggling to find the registration of Sharples children with a mothers maiden name of Pickavance. Any help or suggestions would be welcome.
  5. familyman

    its who really wants it?

    What would happen if you went to a match and threw an object which hit a player in the face?
  6. familyman

    its who really wants it?

    Just been doing some painting and the mind wanders. Did remember an incident in the second half. Catalan had scored and whist he was lining up the conversion the Catalan players were running back to take up positions for the restart I did notice a catalan player running back carrying a ball. About 10/20 metre mark he threw the ball into the crowd. Couldn't say who the player was though. That's why he wasn't seen on tv. The incident has been referred to the match review panel but I doubt they'll pick it up either.
  7. familyman

    its who really wants it?

    Whose them Joe? All your mates backed Saints so the team threw the game? Only whats been reported on social media. Didn't see anything at the game.
  8. familyman

    its who really wants it?

    So he shouldn't have scored 23 tries this season.
  9. familyman

    its who really wants it?

    Dont think you can criticise anyone in particular. Its impossible for the backs to do anything behind a beaten pack. Best team won. Could tell Barba wasn't fit ,when half-way through second half he made a break and had no speed at all. Don't know how hot it was on the pitch but we were behind the sticks in the sun all day and I wouldn't have liked to run round in it. McNamara got his tactics right on the day we didn't.
  10. familyman

    Peyroux breaks arm

    http://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12206/11454707/st-helens-forward-dominique-peyroux-suffers-broken-arm Respect.
  11. familyman

    Semi finals

    If anyone is going to Bolton on Sunday for the semis apparently there is no food or drink being sold in the ground. Thread on Saints RLFC facebook page. just found this and apparently there will be http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16385685.bolton-wanderers-say-refreshments-will-be-sold-at-macron-stadium-during-challenge-cup-semi-finals/
  12. familyman

    How are you geting on with your Family Tree?

    My g g g grandmother was a Margery Pierrepoint. Next step is to try and find if there is a link to Albert.
  13. familyman


    Cant honestly see them finishing 4th or 5th and playing in million pound game.
  14. familyman

    Anyone on Findmypast

    Thanks for the info. He is the Harry James I was looking for.
  15. familyman

    Warrington 23 Wigan 0

    WIGAN WARRIORS V ST HELENS Thursday 19th July DW Stadium | KO : 19:45 Referee: R. Hicks Touch Judge 1: J. Smith Touch Judge 2: A. Martin Reserve Referee: S. Mikalauskas Reserve Touch Judge: P. Brooke Video Referee: J. Child M Com: D. Hayes Time Keeper: A. Mills

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