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  1. Came across this article in the St Helens Star (Couldn't decide which forum to post it in.Sure Dave can move if a different one is better) http://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/16297292.website-launched-to-look-back-at-pictures-from-st-helens-150-year-history/ Link to actual website https://www.sthelenscommunityarchive.org.uk/
  2. familyman

    Saints Old Halfbacks

    Looked on Saints heritage website and first combination was right but could only find mention of Dickinson and no mention of Tayfield as a Saints player http://www.saints.org.uk/saints.org.uk/home/viewpage.php?page_id=272
  3. familyman

    Rejig super league 2019

    Are we talking about the early 1900's. Saints relegated in one season, promoted next season and should have been relegated again next season but two divisions merged into one and saved Saints. A lot longer ago than 1980 eh Joe
  4. familyman

    More dumping

    Sefton council on some bins. F****** scousers drove some miles to dump it.
  5. familyman

    One for Joe 90

    And Wigan players never got into trouble because of drink?
  6. familyman

    One for Joe 90

    Doesn't appear to be many people in pub so its either very early in the day to be pi$$ed out shape or its after the place has shut.
  7. familyman

    One for Joe 90

    Just shows him for the rec**m he is.Sam shut up in the first video when he realised camera was on him but did nothing to shut up his brother
  8. familyman

    One for Joe 90

    A grovelling apology from Tomkins. https://www.wigantoday.net/sport/rugby-league/wigan-warriors/tomkins-exclusive-i-m-deeply-ashamed-1-9194218 Unfortunately the video is the most watched video in New Zealand and has made front page news everywhere. Its a shame that rugby league only appears to make front page news for all the wrong reasons. He's not only brought Wigan into disrepute but Super League as well, still, I expect him to play in Derby match if thats more than 4 weeks away
  9. familyman

    One for Joe 90

    The 31-year-old, who appears drunk in the clip . WTF?
  10. familyman

    One for Joe 90

  11. http://www.skysports.com/rugby-league/news/12206/11381605/st-helens-sign-fiji-captain-kevin-naiqama
  12. familyman

    Wane resigns at wigan.

    Be interesting to see how Wigan rugby club as a seperate entity are treated by the new owners.Although they have a long term rental agreement for the ground would it still have to honoured by any new owners?
  13. familyman

    Challenge Cup.

    Whoever gets to the semis will be praying for winners of Catalan and Huddersfield (My moneys on Leeds drawing them)
  14. familyman

    St.helens v Wigan

    Tomkins supposedly going Catalan,as Wigan have shown interest in Hardaker.
  15. familyman

    St Helens cemetery site

    My fault.Forgot to click on original search name to show people in grave. Working ok. Tried the Waterfox but had same problem as with Firefox.

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