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  1. familyman

    FA cup and Liverpool

    Name one Premier league club who hasn't done the same.
  2. familyman

    Passing of John mantle

    Death of John Mantle announced https://www.saintsrlfc.com/2018/11/19/farewell-john-mantle/?fbclid=IwAR0RKpKmozBkOfUQVbM59KwBNWaQXmnTVfsLnwHh7uMFzfjSxjKoxfi7fS8
  3. familyman

    Grand final

    Unfortunately its always Saints fault.
  4. familyman

    Wigan Warriors

    Well in another post why mention Matty Lees. How very unbiased.
  5. familyman

    Grand final

    Remember as though it were 3 weeks ago. As you said yourself Lees was sin binned. Was Tomkins?
  6. familyman

    Grand final

    Hope joe90 makes some unbiased comments 🤣 The difference was that Tomkins slid into player knees first and Charnley was still on his feet when player slid into him.
  7. familyman


    Cos hes packing in
  8. familyman

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    Came along Lancs from Knowsley today and didn't notice signs for 10 mph.Whereabouts on the Lancs is the limit ?
  9. familyman

    Warrington v Catalans

    Thought "and a few more from Saints to Wigan" covered others
  10. familyman

    Warrington v Catalans

    Good management sending Millward to Wigan though.
  11. familyman

    Warrington v Catalans

    More gladder that Wire lost
  12. familyman

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    Hope it works out better than the "Saddle" junction near ASDA in Wigan. They've just spent months and god knows how much money putting in cycle lanes. In all the years using that junction I can't remember seeing a cyclist on there.
  13. familyman

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Thanks for that.Did actually find the baptism of Mary Anne Sharples on Ancestry with father Peter Sharples and mother Jane Pickavance. Didn't have the info on Nancy though. when they did want to marry they went further afield where not known. Rainford not very far though is it.😟 Will carry on looking but as said the Rainford marriage,at the moment, looks the most likely. Thanks to all who've contributed with suggestions and info.
  14. familyman

    Suggestions for gggrandparent's name

    Just wondering if they ever did marry. Found (on Ancestry) a baptism of Mary (Ann) Sharples to Peter Sharples and Jane Pickavance. None of family trees on Ancestry, for Peter Sharples, give a date for a marriage,there's just an assumption they were married. Although on the marriage cert between Jane Sharples and William Chadwick she is shown as a widow and fathers name is William Pickavance.
  15. familyman

    Windle Crossing Roadworks.

    Coming from Manchester and heading north on M6 is a great improvement with its right turn instead of having to go all the way round the "island"

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