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  1. Thought he had job in rugby union. Or is he another Wiganeer who cant honour his commitments?
  2. Going someway to it by penalising stepping over grounded player
  3. familyman

    wigan v st.helens

    Player not tackled,(no hand on player when on floor), sin bin for shoulder charge.
  4. Saints one of four matches to be televised on the weekend. K.O. 6:05 on the Sunday evening. https://www.saintsrlfc.com/2019/04/17/saints-draw-giants-in-challenge-cup-sixth-round/
  5. familyman

    Saints v Warrington

    Just in case we dont hear from Joe telling us how bad both teams played.They lost 30-20
  6. familyman

    warrington v Wigan

    In this case I think the ref holds the defense at the original 10 yard mark. So in effect all the player is doing is reducing the distance between the teams,giving the defense an advantage.Agree though theres lots that needs to be cleaned up in the play the ball. Unfortunately Cummings wasnt refereeing on the night.
  7. familyman

    warrington v Wigan

    One of them only had himself to blame
  8. If you google gps and sport they seem to have been around since about 2003
  9. Rugby league players have them as well.(Dont know about footballers).They are GPS trackers so their movements about the pitch can be recorded.Ever wonder how they know how far or how many meters a player has run?
  10. Thank goodness for that https://www.sthelensstar.co.uk/news/17470455.sky-sports-rugby-league-commentator-eddie-hemmings-to-hang-up-microphone/?ref=mr&lp=6
  11. Don't need,I know who my kids are.😀 added 2 minutes later Now you mention it, those names do ring a bell.
  12. Thomas and Margery were my 4x grandparents.Thats the farthest I've got back so far. I'm on the Anders side.
  13. Saints got out of jail.Hicks dropped a huge spherical object near the end. Leeds looked to be going over in corner when Hicks pulled them back for a knock on against them after claiming he misheard touch judge. Replay clearly showed Saints knock on. Other than that an entertaining match. Agree about Grace,not first time he's been caught out of position.
  14. Thanks for all the work done on the above. I can only apologise for not supplying all the info I had. My original problem was finding a birth cert for John Edward Jones and then a marriage cert for his parents,which I will now be able to get. I did have the 1911 census info. but not the others. Could I ask where did you find the directory information about Robert in 1894? Thanks once again.
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