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  1. While searching for the birth of my wifes gg-grandmothers birth on the GRO website I came across who I thought may be her. I was intrigued by one of the results I came across and was wondering what it meant
  2. The road running to the bottom right corner of the Photo is Knowsley road. Working anti clockwise from five ways the roads are Boundary road, Eccleston Street, Boundary Road and Cambridge road.
  3. done well. Australia 12 Tonga 16
  4. I m,ust be lucky. Ordered on Monday and was delivered for download on Thursday.😊
  5. familyman

    Wigan v Salford

    Must have been plenty of Wiganers working or still on holiday.
  6. Would accept that if it was the middle of summer and in an afternoon. Oh, and not on telly
  7. You may have known my Dads family.They lived in Cumberland Avenue.
  8. Just over 9000 and great majority of those from Salford.
  9. familyman

    Saints complain.

    So next year we will not get any complaints from Joe. You heard it first here.
  10. familyman


    Assume thats off side.
  11. Started at what was Sheet works in 1969, moved to Cowley Hill K glass late 80's and moved to Greengate early 90's onto new coating plant. Enjoyed Sheet works so so at Cowley hill and didn't enjoy Greengate. Greengate always seem to have an attitude that we started Greengate and no one else belongs here. Also the working atmosphere wasn't that great. Best thing I ever did was when I took early retirement in 2012.
  12. This maybe of interest https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eAzVo3vsME Also other videos on youtube if you just put Rainhill hospital in search
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