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  1. South lancs travel now known as Diamond buses On 1 March 2015, the business was sold to Rotala and rebranded Diamond Bus North West https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_North_West#South_Lancs_Travel
  2. Basically that was my thought that they may be one and the same person, did think it was a coincidence though. When I searched FreeBMD and came up with the above two births you mention (Wright and Williams) and looked at the original page (545) both names were there, but with no supplemental notes. As you say possibly better to correspond with the GRO and try to explain. Will need to look later but have an idea there may be a contact form on GRO site if there is a discrepancy with the registrations. Thanks once again.
  3. Although the above registration for John Wright appears on the FreeBMD site but not on the GRO am I right in assuming if I supply that reference number to the GRO thay would be able to supply the correct biorth certificate? Probably will contact registry office as you suggest. Thanks for help and advice.
  4. As I mentioned it was you who supplied info this maybe the case.(Have looked back through my posts but can find no trace of original post but do have your reply printed out). Census records etc. It was the LancsBMD I used to find birth.However found a birth registration on the Gro Name: Mother's Maiden Surname: WILLIAMS, JOHN - GRO Reference: 1862 J Quarter in PRESCOT Volume 08B Page 545 If the birth cert shows address of birth this would be a great help as most of my relatives were born, and lived most of their lives,in Eccleston Street. Will probably take you advice and write to the registry office.Spent a lot of time on this so a little longer wont matter.
  5. Some time ago I posted a request for help tracing my great grandfather, John Rigby. Ratty was very helpful in this respect (Thanks a lot). I am now trying to obtain a birth certificate for him.His fathers name was missing from his marriage certificate. I have a reference for his baptism on LOPC but the only refernce to his fathers name was :- Baptism: 25 May 1862 St Thomas, Eccleston, Lancashire, England John Wright - [Child] of William [unnamed] & Mary Wright, Spinster Born: 21 Mar 1862 Abode: Eccleston Notes: [William crossed out for Father's name] Baptised by: Alfr. Walne The evidence supports the fact that Mary Wright eventually married Johns father,Willam Brandreth Williams in 1863.(Name from subsequent censuses). When I search for a birth certificate with the mothers name Wright nothing appears.However one does appear with no mothers maiden name.My question is ,if I order this certificate would it actually show a maiden name? (Why is the registration services not showing mothers name, is this usual?) Would there be some record if John Wright eventually took his fathers name? Thanks
  6. familyman

    Israel Falau

    I didn't say he played at the time for Wigan I dont recall this much fuss over other players being signed after making homophobic comments,particularly Wigan signing Zac Hardaker. What I'm saying is the league is up in arms about Catalan signing Falou but they didn't try to stop Wigan signing Hardaker. They also said nothing when Warrington signed a dog fondler or Todd Carney came to Super Laegue.They've also let drug takers come into super league and welcomed back home grown players back after serving bans for drug taking.
  7. A late reply but the names was Glover,Lived at number 12
  8. familyman

    Israel Falau

    Tell me whats daft about it. Is it true or not?
  9. familyman

    Israel Falau

    https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2020/feb/05/catalans-chairman-super-league-meeting-israel-folau Has super league suddenly become holier than thou in its attitude to Catalans signing of Israel Falou. I dont recall this much fuss over other players being signed after making homophobic comments,particularly Wigan signing Zac Hardaker.Who was banned for making comments and under investigation soon after for another alleged comments,which were not proven. Is this a case of one rule etc.?
  10. Decided to come back to this after a rest. Managed to verify most of the above information except the info Tony J. gave in post 25. I can find no record of a birth either of a Mary Anne Pickavance or Sharples on either FreeBMD or the GRO site. Is there anywhere else I could look for the birth registration? Is there a website for St.helens reistry office etc?
  11. "Doggie metal", stones (inclusions),backend break.
  12. While searching for the birth of my wifes gg-grandmothers birth on the GRO website I came across who I thought may be her. I was intrigued by one of the results I came across and was wondering what it meant
  13. The road running to the bottom right corner of the Photo is Knowsley road. Working anti clockwise from five ways the roads are Boundary road, Eccleston Street, Boundary Road and Cambridge road.
  14. done well. Australia 12 Tonga 16
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