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  1. I was driving down Gaskell St tonight (10pm) and when I got to the lights at the old Post Office/Bulls Head, the turn off into Chancery Lane was cordoned off at the Co-op with police barriers. Is that what it is? Or has something else happened?
  2. LOVED the Bears Paw. Used to go in their 'sit-down and eat' section every Saturday afternoon in the late 60's. After we had eaten, it was a wander over to Lennons off-licence up that hefty flight of stairs to get the cheap draft sherry for the evenings entertainment :-) Looking back, it was a bit of a greasy spoon, but their chips and fish were incomparable. Blaylocks, yes, my dad used to go there for his 2 pieces of cod without batter, but I never went there myself.
  3. Love these pics, thank you. The first is that a clippie machine? If so why does it start at 2 and not 1? Also smiling at pic 4, the window frames painted dark green. Reminds me of 'On The Buses', and the flowery crimplene dresses and platform shoes I used to wear back in the days. :-)
  4. Olllie - ginny green teeth! I had completely forgotten about that one! Not to detract from the OP, I used to get this from my old aunt when she used to take me (as a kiddie) down to Blackbrook canal to feed the swans there. "Dont go too near the water, or ginny greenteeth will suck you in"! Used to terrify me, I was always frightened of some green woman with huge teeth coming out of the canal to bite me.
  5. The old part of the crem. My beloved nan is buried there and still think of her every day. Thank you guys.
  6. Well if you want to put words in my mouth Jeff? I didn't say anything about museums or art schools - you did. An institute of learning is not the same thing as a public spectacle for the masses. But anyway, yes. Shut the lot down if you have to. Heres something to think about. How many old and ill people do you know who cannot get decent health care and are in living in pain? What if it was you or your children/grandchildren? Health comes way before art, morally if nothing else. More practically. If you dont have people, you dont get no art.
  7. I would happily shout it in public from Wembley stadium Rob.
  8. This stuff might be great to look at for entertainment. But is it more important than health? Money that would be far better spent on the NHS? Next time one of your family is ill and cant get treatment, just come back here and let me know. The very next time I see a poster complaining about the treatment they've had from the NHS, I will simply post up these pics.
  9. #36 Love these pics, thanks so much for posting. The second one, could have been Link Ave where I lived for the first 4 years of my life :-)
  10. Rob your pics are, as always great. But this stuff annoys the hell out of me. Yes people might come to watch, but also they may not. I am sure that all those mothers with ill/dying children lying in cash-strapped hospitals will be glad to rush off to see this spectacle. It will be such a great comfort to them. Fantastic allocation of funding. Much better for people to see something than for people to actually live.
  11. yolly


    It sounds to me like there probably was some connection. (Mates [male] (x 2) + Alcohol (500) + (New Year 2013) / Youth = tragedy) I feel for their parents.
  12. Rob, your post #75. The pics of the mini-shopping centre at the top of Chain Lane by the Starting Gate. Now I know I'm old. Honestly, "I remember when it was all fields around there". Not a house in sight.
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