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  1. Towny can you tell me how to close this thread cheers baz

  2. Yes I remember them well. Baking soda in the divers and submarines and I remember it was just a turn of the screw top to make the toys sink or rise in the bottle. The little boats i think where powered by a drop of a soap like solution on the flat bit at the back of the boat. The things they put in the cereal boxes just to get us eat our cornflakes.
  3. I have to agree with jms. Most of the litter is dropped by people who are supposed to be being hit hard with austerity yet they seem to have the money to spend on takeaways of all shapes and sizes which are not cheap to buy. The truth of the matter, is if they ate their food whilst leaning on a rubbish bin they would probably throw it on the floor because they couldn't care less. Some people today expect someone else to do all the work.
  4. I was a regular visitor to Vincent's ice cream in my youth because my grandparents lived in Gladstone street and when we had one of our family get together's my cousins and I would nearly always end up there, I bet they made some money. Always loved the smell of the place. My dad had a scar on his leg where Vincent's horse kicked him when he was a lad so the business must have been there some time. It's a shame that things have to change. Happy days.
  5. Happy days fishing with my dad at Taylor park. All I remember catching is perch.
  6. Did a lot of walking those same streets and similar areas myself back in the day. Never caused any trouble and never saw any. The world has moved on and not always for the better.
  7. We used the corners of some large plastic moulds as boomerangs. They worked a treat.
  8. Does that airbus beluga actually float. Good pictures!
  9. So sad . I think we all feel the same even though we never met, going off all the comments above he was a good guy. RIP Le200.
  10. I follow this sport and know a lot of the fighters but I am unaware of this man Jay Moogan. I will keep a lookout in future.
  11. towny

    Sherdley Park

    I'M working on it.
  12. towny

    Sherdley Park

    Typical. Argue about everything and get nothing sorted. It's the way of the world nowadays!
  13. A prison sentence of X number of years and made to do X number of years. Not a slap on the wrist and a possible fine that they will probably never pay. It's about time they started making an example of these low lives.
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