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  1. Yes Iceman it is John Murray from Blackbrook,he had two sons-Alan and Roy,he lived near the shops on Longridge ave.
  2. Hi Icehead,no I can't recall Dave Lucas by name but would probably no his face and more so his dogs.Regards lots of cruelty Mazzi,I would say no more than goes on in all walks of life and cruelty to animals(and people)in general.I know a lot of people who treated and loved their dogs more than you could imagine,looking after them when they finished racing.Greyhounds make great pets if looked after well.As with most things you only hear or read about the bad people and not the majority of people who looked after their greyhounds.
  3. I used to go to the track from 1975 to its closure in 1993.Some great nights on the track then over to the Parr and Hardshaw for a game of snooker (hoping Chat Brownbill wasn't in to hustle you ) or Primrose for a game of cards.Some local people who had dogs-John Murray,John Hulme,Alfie Murray,Frankie Turner,Paul Farrell and loads I can't remember.
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