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  1. ann in oz hi we must have started school on the same day in 1948 .I lived in fiddler street toll bar remember one teacher I think she was called mrs hardman .don't remember any girls names but loads of lads and then went on to heath street.
  2. kizzy one name sticks in my mind of teachers in infant school and its mrs hardman.
  3. yes great photos firemansam do you know what time in blacburn?
  4. Thanks for putting these photos on this topic Dave my memories have come flooding back.i worked at ugb ravenhead in 1961 for a year before moving out of the area.factory row just the same as I remember.further down on left as photo is ravenead laundry my mother worked there.down the hill past row of cotteges on left then right under bridge then right again as vanwall states.worked mainly in 7 shop enamel.When did it close down.Saw some ravenhead glassware in a shop recently wonder where it was made?
  5. Yes nice photos I lived up the road from british lion remember well decoraters shop on corner westfield street and joiners yard in entry Lived in Fidlers street up to 1961 chip shop bottom Fidlers street was Hardys. best chippie was greenalls on Owen street.Thanks for the photos Lummy. It takes me back.Builders yard must have influencsd me to I too became a carpenter.
  6. reading comments on shops in thatto heath yes remember well French's butchers my cousin served his apprenticeship with him if I remember well his first shop was at top of Fidler street/westfield street I lived opposite. next block down was another butchers Cockers .he offererd me an apprenticeship but turned it down .didn't like all that blood.ha. finished up a butcher a wood butcher became a joiner.
  7. correct kizzy thetop fields where called the vine it borderd the railway cutting we st austihs boys used to have our rugby games on there under the watchful eyes of Gerry landers.wouldnt let you play with the round ball had to be rugby.Tony Barrow in same class as me. murphy in my brothers class .a little school but what rugby players it produced thanks to Gerry landers.
  8. born in front bedroom in south ave prescot in1944 opposite bowling green so true prescotian .
  9. mid 1950s did anybody remember collecting cards from chewing gum packets one was called dollar where you collected the wrappers don't know you what you got for the wrappers or what the cards depicted but do remember the gum tasted sh-- think the 0ther gum was called" wow".but had photos of film stars albeit about 3/4 inch square which I remember collecting . Be happy fosser.
  10. tanks for that kizzy must have been at st Austin at the same time,you in girls section ,left in 59 ,went back last year to see the school but sadly it had been demolished now just amemory.
  11. hi skyman yes thanks for reply think she was called annie strettle.
  12. just found this site so joined the forum grew up in Thatto Heath went to st austins school mention of all these shops brings my memories flooding back what was the shop bottom of scholes lane, loads of second hand clothes piled up at back of shop my mother used to take me in to fit me up with short trousers and jumpers couldn't afford new them days can smell twists now did they do onions as well as pop, behind the station they were.i recall, tommy balls was my favourite shop got my first bike from him Raleigh trent sports, 9 shillings a week my paper money from news agents at toll bar forgot name of it happy memories.
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