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  1. Hi I have a John Wilson born approx 1784. He lived in Billinge circa 1814 as he had a child (another John) then, who was baptised at St Mary's. I am struggling to find the baptism record for the John born approx 1784 as St Mary's wasn't built then. How can I progress my tree so that I can find the parents of this John?
  2. Thanks but this doesn't look complete and it doesn't have grave plots.Can anyone help? Surely there must be a list somewhere?
  3. Where do I find a list of all burial plots at windleshaw abbey please?
  4. Thank you. This looks like one of the ones I was after. Is there actually a stone in the yard? Is the above the inscription from the stone? How do I locate the stone from the number 392? Cheers
  5. Many thanks for your help Ratty. My Thomas was married to a Mary Ann (nee: O'Neill). So I don't think that is the same Thomas. However, I do have a Matilda Wilson in my tree (1887-1975) but I have her down as married to a Jonathan Wilson (1885-1944). Not sure if the John Wilson is the same one as I have records of their children from baptism records at St Mary's Birchley and it doesn't seem to match. How do I find out about other graveyards in St Helens and are the Windleshaw records obtainable from anywhere?
  6. Hi I am struggling with finding the burial locations for the following and wondered if someone may be able to help? All died in St Helens.. Margaret Gutteridge died 1932 approx age 75 Thomas Wilson died 1918 approx age 67 John Wilson 1861 approx age 47 John Wilson 1864 approx age 80 - service was at Birchley St Marts, Billinge. It mentions Windleshaw but no record on the St helens deceased site so I am trying to find the burial plot.
  7. Hi Can anyone help me. I am trying to find a marriage record between 1890 and 1910 for Catherine Wilson (b: approx 1880) to John Sharrocks (b: approx 1876).
  8. Hi Sorry, what do you mean by scroll back to page 384? which link are you referring to please, I am a bit confused.
  9. Thanks for that. I was not aware of that web site. Sadly though, crime records only on there from 1849 onwards.
  10. Hi Thanks for this, very comprehensive! So, 1855 is the earliest? I was hoping to find some clues on a criminal record I found for John Wilson b:1814. On the crime reords I found on the Ancestry site, it has limited info, it just has the name of the person, age, year of crime (1842) and punishment. I cannot tell if the record I found relates to my relative John Wilson b:1814 (Billinge). I was hoping to confirm it via the St Helens newspaers but looks like that is not an option. Anyone got any ideas on how I can confirm it please?
  11. Hi Can anyone help me please? I am interested in finding out when the St Helens newspapers started printing? I am interested in St Helens newspapers from the 19th Century e.g. 1842
  12. John Wilson (b:1814) was baptised at St Marys RC Church, Birchley Rd, Billinge - 04/01/1814 . Parents: John/Ann (Incorrectly transcribed as 'd'aughter) His wife: Ann Simpkin (b: 1817) was baptised at St Marys RC Church, Birchley Rd, Billinge - 21/09/1817. Parents: Jonathan/Margaret John Wilson (b:1784, father of John:1814) burial record is at St Mary's RC Church too, died aged 80 on the 28/02/1864. Buried at Windleshaw. Baptism records for St Marys only start from 1792, so not sure were to go for catholic records before this date?
  13. Hi Sorry only just seen your post. My grandad was also Samuel Thompson, my mum being Dorothy Wilson. I have done quite a bit of research and have a tree on the ancestry website - "The Wilson Family Tree". Please have a look and see if my research matches up with yours. (http://trees.ancestry.co.uk/tree/47533268/family )
  14. Some links here for what looks like the Billington's mentioned: Baptism: 9 Feb 1803 St Thomas the Martyr, Up Holland, Lancashire, England[/size] Charles Smith Bilington - Son of Edward Bilington[/size] Abode: UpHolland[/size] Occupation: Brewer[/size] Register: Baptisms 1789 - 1812, Page 41, Entry 1[/size] Source: LDS Film 1657546[/size] Marriage: 12 May 1823 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England[/size] Charles Billington - Wigan Parish[/size] Jane Wilson - Wigan Parish[/size] Witness: Samuel Hickox; Saml. Vizard[/size] Married by Banns by: G. Goodwill, Curate[/size] Register: Marriages 1820 - 1824, Page 332, Entry 1002[/size] Source: LDS film 1885691[/size] Marriage: 18 Dec 1848 All Saints, Wigan, Lancashire, England[/size] Richard Moore - 30, Collier, Bachelor, Billinge[/size] Ann Billington - (X), 20, Spinster, Billinge[/size] Groom's Father: James Moore, Sawyer[/size] Bride's Father: Charles Billington, Wheelwright[/size] Witness: Ralph Holland, (X); Ellen Gee, (X)[/size] Married by Banns by: A.Coates Curate[/size] Register: Marriages 1848 - 1849, Page 122, Entry 243[/size] Source: LDS Film 1885695[/size] Oh and this: Burial: 28 May 1833 St Thomas the Martyr, Upholland, Lancashire, England[/size] Charles Smith Billington - [/size] Age: 30[/size] Abode: Chorley[/size] Register: Burials 1825 - 1847, Page 206, Entry 1644[/size] Source: LDS Film 1657555[/size] Unfortunately though, even though a Sarah "WILSON" has been uncovered - I have not been able to gleam anything further from this regarding tracing back further along the John WILSON line.
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